Auto Hail Damage Repair and Dent Repair

Colorado Hail Damage Repair for Cars

Let’s face it, here in the Denver area, we get some wild weather. And, part of that is hail. In fact, in Denver we see more hail damage auto repair needs than almost anywhere in the country. While hail damage can be very common in Colorado, you can be rest assured that we at Accurate Auto Body are here to repair all hail damage done to your car, restoring it to its original condition. From large golf ball-sized hail to small pea-sized, hail can cause all sorts of damage to your car giving you dents in all shapes and sizes. And it can do so in just a short period of time, even if you are simply driving through a minute long hail squall or if your car is just sitting in your driveway while a brief storm passes over.

Methods of Auto Dent Repair

As Hail damage dents can vary in size and quantity, they can be repaired in various ways:

  • Paintless dent repairs are appropriate for varying sizes and degrees of damage.
  • Some dents require a traditional repair process
  • Still others may be done with a combination of both repair processes

A lot of hail damage auto body repair can be covered by insurance claims. We work with all the major insurance carriers. And, even if you do not have insurance, we can repair your hail dents, too. All our customers, no matter the extent of the damage, can expect our superior and personalized touch. We will take time to review your hail damage with and create a plan to get your car repaired while working within your budget and insurance coverage. Our goal is to provide you with peace of mind that your hail dent damage is being take care of to your total satisfaction. Plus, we handle all the needs with your insurance company.



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What are they Saying?

"Accurate Auto Body has been through a lot of turmoil because of my car and the insurance company and through it all have absolutely been a stand up company and absolutely take my hat off to AAB for being so good to my family and me. They are the only auto body shop I would recommend for their display of absolute professionalism and care and concern for us their customers. Keep it up Carlos, Jim, Heather, and Wendy. You guys have been a great help."

Maurice E. - Denver, CO