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5 Must-See Santa Fe Destinations That Will Change Your Life

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Santa Fe RoadtripSanta Fe Road Trip – Must-Sees

Winter might be on its way for Colorado, but that doesn’t mean you can’t escape to someplace a little sunnier, even if it’s only for the weekend. As your Denver auto body shop, our favorite destinations within easy driving distance is Santa Fe, New Mexico. A buzzing hub of art and culture, the state’s capital city is a great place to go and experience a true taste of the Southwest. If it’s your first time in the city, here are a few must-sees to add to your agenda for your Santa Fer road trip.

Loretto Chapel

Religious or not, the helix staircase to heaven inside this stunning chapel is definitely worth seeing on your Santa Fe road trip. This may very well be the staircase that inspired all those dramatic staircase scenes in movies and television. Plus, who doesn’t love the princess-feel of a good spiral staircase? Even if you don’t get to walk down it in a stunning ball gown to your prince charming waiting at the bottom, it’s still worth taking in the awe-inspiring structure.

Meow Wolf

Santa Fe is nothing if not artsy, and if you need proof of that look no further than the art collective come to life in Meow Wolf. It’s an unbelievable experience that fully immerses visitors in fantastic realms and truly exemplifies the best parts of the artistic spirit Santa Fe oozes.

Museum of International Folk Art

Museum Hill in Santa Fe is home to so many places you need to check out, but the International Folk Art Museum is a world-class facility that you have to see at least once if you haven’t. Featuring, as you might guess, folk art from all over the world in beautifully curated exhibits, it’s a uniquely Santa Fe experience that resonates with visitors and locals alike.

Santa Fe Farmer’s Market

Just because farmer’s market season has wrapped up here in Colorado doesn’t mean you should go the rest of the year without the delicious freshness of farmer’s market food. Santa Fe has one that goes year-round and features all the fantastic New Mexico staples you’d expect like chiles. The largest farmer’s market in the state, it features more than 150 growers and has an astounding array of fresh produce you won’t find anywhere else.

Acoma Sky City

What would a trip to the wild Southwest be without a good nature hike? And what kind of Coloradan would you be if you didn’t find an outdoor space to explore while you’re there? Luckily, the Puye Cliff Dwellings offer stunning views and a surreal outdoor experience that will leave a lasting impression on you and your family.

Checking all these off your list would certainly offer a well-rounded trip to the city, but there are countless other places to explore, and going off-book is often the best way to get a real taste of a destination, so if you’re heading off to Santa Fe and find some hidden gems, don’t forget to let us know so we can add ’em to our list next time, too!

Fall Road Trip Destination: Steamboat Springs

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fall road tripThe summer has officially come to a close, but that doesn’t mean your vacation season has to be gone, too. Sure, the weather might not be as conducive to water parks as it was in June and July, but the beauty of Colorado is in the fun it offers year round. This time of year, one of the best things to do is pack your bags for the weekend and head to the mountains. As your auto body repair experts, we have learned a lot of about great destinations. One of our favorite fall road trip destinations is Steamboat Springs. The town has plenty to do in the summer, too, but there’s a special kind of mountain magic about the place come fall. If you’re looking for some places to head in Steamboat, try these must-hit spots.

Fish Creek Falls

Make sure to layer up if you’re heading for this fun just-on-the-outskirts hike in the fall. The drier parts of the trail may not be so chilly, but the closer you get to the falls, the more the temperature will drop! Still, if you’re properly outfitted, this is a gorgeous site to see, and something about the fall fog and grayer skies makes it a unique experience

Off the Beaten Path

Is there anything better than spending a cool fall day in the mountains curled up with a good book? We think not, and Off the Beaten Path is the adorable bookstore in Steamboat to make that dream a reality for you. It is a must for your fall road trip to Steamboat. Not only is it a cozy, book-lover’s haven, it has a great selection AND good coffee. When your fingers are too chilly from being outside, duck into Off the Beaten Path for a warm-up, but don’t be surprised if you end up spending the rest of the day there.

Scenic Gondola Rides

Of course, you can’t do mountain towns without the mountain views, and in Steamboat, the scenic gondola rides are where it’s at. The panoramic mountain views you get while going up, up, up in the gondola are truly hard to beat, and the cozy interior of the little gondola cart is just enough protection from the elements to keep you from getting too cold. Bonus points if you can catch the gondola while the aspens are still a stunning gold.

Strawberry Park Hot Springs

Perhaps the main Steamboat attraction is Strawberry Park Hot Springs, one of the few hot springs in the state that boasts a sulfur-smell-free experience. The natural hot springs have several pools and are a fantastic way to keep warm even on the chilliest days.

Pack up your sweaters and swimsuits and get ready to put some solid fall road trip miles on your car with a trip to Steamboat Springs this season.

Great Fall Colorado Road Trips

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fall colorado road tripsOne of the coolest things about living in Colorado is getting to see the stunning Fall colors. When the aspens go gold, there’s nothing better than wrapping up in a sweater, filling a thermos with some hot chocolate, and heading to the mountains to take it all in. It’s quintessentially Coloradan, and we’re already getting excited about it. If you’ve never checked it out before, or you’re just looking for some new locales to give you a new perspective on it all, here are some of the best Fall Colorado road trips and places to see.

Maroon Bells

A truly iconic spot in Aspen, the Maroon Bells are breathtaking (not just because of the altitude) when Fall colors hit their peak. Of course, because it’s so legendary, you might want to call the hotline to check the status of the scenic area before heading out. You can reach them at the Maroon Bells Hotline 970-945-3319. Even if it’s a little crowded, it’s worth the trip to see that mountain lake and 14,000-foot peak towering in a panorama that will leave you feeling like you’re living in a painting.

The San Juan Skyway

This particular stretch of the Colorado Scenic and Historic Byway System is especially remarkable when the leaves start changing making it one of the best fall Colorado road trips. It’s hard not to feel like you’re starring in your own personal romantic comedy when you’re driving down a winding mountain highway surrounded by gold, red, and oranges as the expansive Rockies rise up around you. The San Juan Skyway is a great way to milk that road trip for all its worth. After all, sometimes the destination is nothing compared to the journey.

Telluride Gondola Ride

Telluride is gorgeous any time of year, honestly, but it shines something special in the autumn, making it one of the must-dos when it comes to fall Colorado road trips. The tiny mountain town, about six hours from Denver, has a free gondola ride that is beyond worth taking when the leaves start changing colors. The views are simply dazzling as you climb up, up, up into the mountains.

Peak to Peak Scenic Highway

If you’re looking for a day trip that keeps you a little closer to the front range but still offers those magnificent colorful views, try the Peak to Peak Scenic Highway, another section of the Historic Byway System a little closer to home. It winds through Estes, Nederland, Black Hawk, and Clear Creek until it finally hooks back up with the I-70. It offers some unique views and interesting sites worth stopping off for a photo or two while you stretch those road trip legs.

How to Use This Information

Wherever you’re planning to soak in the mind-boggling Colorado Fall colors, please do be aware that some of the roads are windy and crowded. So, please stay alert at all times. And, if you do happen to get in a fender bender or find you need dent repair thank to scenic pull of parking lot (it happens),  give us a call at 303-344-2212 or check us out online.

6 Fascinating South Dakota Stops You Need to See

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south dakota road tripSouth Dakota Road Trip Ideas

Summer is the perfect time for a road trip, and in the West there’s plenty to see and do in some of the most surprising places. If you’re looking for a non-tourist trap to head to with the family this summer, consider a South Dakota road trip. We know, it doesn’t seem exactly like the kind of place your kids would be clamoring to go, but there are quite a few hidden gems in and around the state that will make the trip more than worth it.

Don’t know where to start? We’ve got 6 must-see places to add to your itinerary that will make your South Dakota road trip one of your most memorable trips yet.

1. Badlands Wall

An absolutely stunning geological phenomena, the Badlands Wall is a site to behold on any South Dakota road trip. Nestled in Badlands National Park, these rock formations are gorgeous and mind-boggling. A great photo opportunity although we all know pictures can never quite do the experience justice.

2. Porter Sculpture Park

Strange sculptures, interesting art, and just enough creep-factor to give you the heebie jeebies if you find yourself here past sundown, this roadside attraction features a host of slightly macabre iron creations that will both intrigue and slightly frighten you.

3. Devil’s Gulch

The legendary site of Jesse James’ supposed death-defying leap to evade capture, Devil’s Gulch is a must-see for those interested in indulging in the finer points of Wild, Wild West’s history. This is the perfect place to spend an afternoon pretending you’re an infamous bandit who can never be caught.

4. Crazy Horse Memorial

The largest mountain carving in the world, the Crazy Horse Memorial could fit Mount Rushmore (also in South Dakota) inside itself many times over. Though Mount Rushmore is perhaps the more popular mountain carving destination, Crazy Horse Memorial is a must-see and will leave you marveling.

5. Thunderhead Underground Falls

Who doesn’t love a good underground waterfall? The Thunderhead Underground Falls in Rapid City, South Dakota is a gorgeous piece of nature. The waterfall is located 600 feet inside a mountain and used to make the lives of gold miners extremely difficult. Now, it’s a natural wonder to inspire awe and remind you how cool Mother Nature can be.

6. Depression Era Dinosaur Park

In Rapid City, South Dakota you’ll find one of the country’s first ever dinosaur parks. Built in the Depression era, the still-standing park is an interesting and somewhat hilarious look into what paleontology looked like long ago.

From stunning outdoor stops to unexpected art and more, there’s plenty to see on a South Dakota road trip. As you gear up for your next road trip, remember to include vehicle prep on your checklist. Making sure your car is in tip-top shape before you head out on the open road is an important part of ensuring you have a hassle-free vacation focused on the fun and family time rather than worrying about a vehicle malfunction.

How to Use This Information

If you’re planning to hit the road soon but you have some dings or dents, give us a call at 303-344-2212 or visit us online. We would be happy to make you car look like new before hitting the road so you’re free and clear to pack on those miles and, along with them, some unforgettable memories.

Denver Auto Body Shop Tips: NFL Tailgate Traveling

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78813682Football season is coming to a close in the United States, with only two to three games left in the season. Many of our Denver auto body & collision repair mechanics at Accurate Auto Body are just as sad to see the season on its way out. But in Denver, the season won’t end before January this year. Like eleven other talented teams in the NFL, the Denver Broncos are playoff bound after clinching the AFC West. The playoffs are an exciting and excruciating time in which your team either makes it to the Super Bowl to win it all, or goes home packing for the next season. If there was ever a time to support your favorite NFL team, it’s when the playoffs begin. Whether it’s a home game or not, you will want to be there to show your support, and no day at the stadium is complete without a memorable tailgate. Here are some of our tips to having a successful NFL tailgate, whether your team is at home or away this playoff season:

1- Coolers are essential. It’s likely that tailgating would have died out without the advent of coolers. Coolers allow you to bring all of your favorite refreshments to enjoy while reminiscing about your team’s greatest comeback with your friends and family. You simply cannot have that kind of experience with a lukewarm refreshment. You need an ice-cold bottle of your favorite beers. In fact, why not show some local pride and pack up refreshments that are exclusively home grown. It will be a fun way to show your team spirit, outside of wearing the appropriate colors that is. Remember not to drink and drive however, make sure someone stays responsible in the event an emergency appears and someone has to drive.

2- Invest in a portable grill. The quintessential tailgating vehicle has always been a pickup truck with an attached grill, but that doesn’t mean you have to own a truck to get your tailgate on. Any car will do, and you can pickup a portable grill at any retail store these days. Between a cooler full of cold ones and a plate of your favorite grilled foods, you may not even want the game itself to start so you can enjoy tailgating the night away.

3- Bring some lawn chairs. While it may seem like a fun idea to sit on the edge of your car’s trunk, it may not be the most comfortable of scenarios. Why not bring some lawn chairs along so you can sit and enjoy your experience with friends and family in a comfortable experience. After all, you don’t want to be in a situation where the plastic stadium chairs will be a reprieve from your car’s edge. Tailgating is about having fun and getting excited about the big game with friends and family. There are no limits to comfort.

4- Remember to dress warm. Tailgating always seems like a summer activity, but it’s still done all the way through the playoffs, which happen to be in January. Depending on where you are, January can be a bitterly cold month, and you don’t want to be caught outside in nothing but a football jersey and thin jeans. You will be outside for quite awhile and it is likely to be cold. But if the home team is going to have to play in that weather, you should show your support and tailgate in it too. The cold won’t really matter when your team is down by a field goal and making that final two minute drive to save their season anyway.

5- Know where you are going. Many of these NFL stadiums were constructed in the heart of their cities, but some of them are actually quite a ways outside of it. You can’t expect to get to the city and see the stadium from afar. You should do preliminary research on the stadium’s location, along with parking fees and traffic concerns that may come your way. A smart tailgater will be a happy tailgater. And a happy tailgater will be able to sit through whatever circumstances arise on game day, like a true fan would.

How to Use This Information

NFL tailgating has been a storied tradition in this country, and the home team always appreciates seeing support where ever it may be. Road-tripping to see your favorite NFL team play during the playoffs can be an incredibly endearing experience, and you will want to make sure you have all the essentials for the trip. But there’s no use preparing for a trip if you won’t be able to even get there. That’s why you should make sure you get your vehicle checked at Accurate Auto Body before you set out on your NFL pilgrimage. We will make sure your car is in tip-top shape to make the cross-country drive. Nobody wants to tailgate in the middle of nowhere because their car broke down. For more information, give us a call at (303) 344-2212 or visit our website here.

What do you bring when you go to tailgate?

Denver Auto Body Shop Gift Ideas for More Fun on Long Holiday Road Trips

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81747936The holiday season is near and that means is significant time off. While many of us will be staying home for the holidays, just as many of us are likely to pack up and drive off to visit family afar. Even some of our own Denver auto body and collision repair shop employees will be heading out of state this holiday season. Unfortunately, these drives across the US can drag on, especially for children. As such, we’ve compiled a great list of gift ideas to help make those long drives more bearable for you or your young ones.

Digital Camera – The United States is a beautiful country with even more beauty than can only be seen as you drive across it. Since you will only be able to see some of these places every holiday season, it would be nice to be able to preserve some of that with impressive photos. Not only will it give you reason to make some stops on the way, but it will also allow you to stay interested in the scenery as you drive. Why not get ambitious with it and try to take professional photos of America’s many wonders? It’s a great gift that will help make the journey part of the experience of your holiday season.

Portable DVD/Blu-ray Player – Unfortunately, sometimes long stretches of a drive aren’t very aesthetically pleasing. As such, it’s a good idea to turn to a movie to help pass the time. Today’s line of portable DVD and Blu-ray players can hold a charge for enough time to play several movies. It’ll keep the children distracted and they’ll feel like the trip flew by. They can run anywhere between $40 and $200 depending on your desired screen size and quality.

Portable Games – Whenever you go to your local retail store, there’s always a section of the gaming aisles for those portable games. This is why that little section of the aisles exist. Portable games are made to help pass the time on long drives. From chess and Uno to more creative iterations of Monopoly and Settlers of Catan, there’s a travel-sized version of every popular game you’ve come to love. Some of these games can play drastically differently from their original counter parts, which can make learning the new format all the more enjoyable. The best part is, some of these games don’t require much concentration, allowing even the driver to participate, so long as he maintains eye contact on the road.

Hand-held Video Game Consoles – Sometimes, for this generation of children, card and board games just don’t cut it. If that’s the case with your children, then you might want to also consider buying them one of the many handheld video game consoles on the market. The two most popular consoles are the Nintendo 3DS, which can play video games in 3D, and Sony’s PlayStation Vita, which acts as a multimedia player as well as a video game player. But even beyond those consoles, you can find video games designed for tablets and mobile phones that can run video games just as well as the Nintendo and Sony’s products.

Music Library Gift Cards – For older audiences, some of the best gifts you can get for a road trip may come in the form of a gift card. While a gift card may not be the most sentimental of gifts for some, music library gift cards can be a great way for someone to stock up on their latest musical interests for the long drive. After all, these drives become significantly more enjoyable and bearable when appealing music is involved.

How to Use This Information

There are many great road-trip gift ideas out there. These five try to cover many popular gifts, but you can certainly think of some others. However, these gifts won’t really matter unless you have a car that can get you to your cross-state destination. That’s why it’s important to make sure your car is in the best shape it can be before embarking on any road trip. At Accurate Auto Body, a Denver auto body shop, we guarantee that we will do our best to get your car ready for the holidays. Nobody wants to experience their car breaking down in the middle of their trip just days before that gift giving holiday. To learn more about our services, visit our website here or give us a call at 303-344-2212.

So, what are your “must haves” for long, holiday road trips?

Denver Auto Body Tips: Colorado’s Best Ski Resorts for 2014

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Parts of Colorado have already begun to see some snow, which can only mean it is officially the start of ski season. Many people we work with at Accurate Auto Body, a Denver auto body repair shop, can think of no better activity than skiing in the winter time. As such, we felt that this was a great time to list our five favorite ski resorts in Colorado and how to get to each one from the Denver area.

1- Telluride, Colorado – Voted as one of Forbes’ happiest places to live this year, Telluride, Colorado has a lot going for it. The sleepy little mountain town lies in the southwest quadrant of the state, which isn’t the easiest place to get to from Denver. The trek is roughly a 6 hour drive via US-285, or closer to 8 hours if you are forced to go around through Walsenburg due to winter conditions. However, the trip is certainly worth it, as the town sits very low in a steep box valley, making for majestic views as you ski across the vista. When you get tired of skiing, there are many small-town, family owned restaurants to enjoy across the ski village. A weekend trip to Telluride makes for a great getaway trip.

2- Vail, Colorado – Vail is one of the many ski resorts conveniently found in the I-70 corridor, situated between Glenwood Springs and Breckenridge. The town itself is particularly affluent, but that doesn’t make it any less appealing to visit. Vail’s peaks are noteworthy for their grandeur. Vail’s ski trails are some of the highest in the United States, stretching towards an unreal 5,289 acres of land purely for skiing. Just keep in mind that Vail’s position on I-70 coupled with its attractive ski trails make it a very popular destination in the winter. You may have to be more mindful of other skiers here than any other resort.

3- Silverton Mountain – Not all ski resorts are necessarily near towns, and getting away from civilization when skiing can really make for a unique experience skiing. Enter Silverton, located between Durango and Montrose in the southwest quadrant of the state. Getting to Silverton is no different than getting to Telluride more or less, with the added benefit of feeling like you are in the middle of nowhere while skiing. Beyond the resort itself, there is virtually nothing else in Silverton. Keep in mind that Silverton isn’t really considered a destination resort, as the vast majority of its trails are incredibly grueling even for expert skiers. If you are seeking a thrill, Silverton is the place to go.

4- Wolf Creek – Wolf Creek earns the distinction for having the most snow of any Colorado resort on a yearly basis. Also located in the southwest quadrant of the state, Wolf Creek can be found Northeast of Pagosa Springs. From Denver, the trip won’t take more than five to six hours, and the resort is simply gorgeous. Many might even consider the resort to be legendary if it was a little bigger. But what it lacks in size it makes up for in some of the best powder in Colorado. If you are a skier and you have not made it to Wolf Creek yet, this is the winter to start.

5- Steamboat Ski Resort – We didn’t forget about the northwestern quadrant of the state, Steamboat Springs features one of the most beautiful resorts in the state, if not the country. The resort has a good reputation for being ideal for families, with a good mix of easy to difficult slopes. Simply put, there’s a ski trail for any family regardless of how adventurous they may be. The town can be found northwest of Silverthorne, and it generally only takes about two and a half hours to get there from Denver. Besides the skiing, the town itself is simply adorable, and is very close to the famous Strawberry Hot Springs that is open 24-hours a day.

How To Use This Information

Many Coloradans are defined by skiing, and for those people, it is very important that we get out fix every winter. This list will help you select some of the best places to ski in Colorado. Just make sure that your car is ready for a winter weekend getaway to the mountains. Not every car will always be equipped to travel in the mountains, especially in the winter. That’s why it’s important that you stop by Accurate Auto Body before your big skip trip. We’ll make sure your car is ready for a journey into the high country. For more information, call us at 303-344-2212, or visit our website here.

What are your favorite resorts?

Aurora Auto Body Shop Road Trips: A Rocky Mountain Safari

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505502127Road trips are a great opportunity to get out into the vast open lands of the United States and explore places few people have gone before. It’s a chance to get away from the stress of urban life and really breathe in the fresh air and meld with nature. Colorado, in all its beauty, is abundant with natural wildlife that people take for granted here. Aurora and nearby Denver are so close to a whole heap of wildlife, and the opportunities to go observe them from the backseat are there. Accurate Auto Body, an Aurora auto body shop, knows all the best places to visit in Colorado before the snow begins to fall.

1- Mount Evans – As the highest road in the United States, the road to Mount Evans can feel like a mountainous safari. You drive up miles of incline surrounded by largely untouched land. In that land you climb several types of ecosystems that give you the chance to see all kinds of wild-life, from common squirrels to rare mountain goats, there’s all sorts of wild life to find as you climb Mount Evans. But hurry up, the road closes just before the winter season begins.

2- Garden of the Gods – Located just west of Colorado Springs, Garden of the Gods itself is enough reason to visit the area. The park is a beautiful assortment of red rock bluffs that erupt from the ground for miles. The road throughout is so carefully made as to allow you to take in as much of the beauty as possible. What’s best about this trip is that it meanders through some heavily diverse forest. For the bird lovers, Garden of the Gods might possibly be the best place in Colorado to find birds. From red-tailed hawks to the lark bunting, you will find enough birds to satisfy your avian appetite.

3- Buffalo Herd Nature Reserve – Located just off of I-70 before Evergreen, the Buffalo Herd Nature Reserve was created with the express purpose of preserving the majestic Colorado bison. The area is outfitted with a network of dirt roads, which can be difficult to drive on for some cars. With that said, if you have a car that can make the trek, you will likely find yourself upon a buffalo herd that will make you want to paint the picture to memorialize. If you want to get out of the car and hike for a little, the area is great for that as well.

4- Rocky Mountain Arsenal – The Rocky Mountain Arsenal has a troubled history, as it once housed the nuclear waste processing facility known as Rocky Flats. The area has since been cleaned up and turned into a vast wild-life reserve great for nature watching. The Colorado government has worked effortlessly to reintroduce several types of wild-life into the reserve. The park currently boasts 330 different species of mammals, birds, fish, amphibians and reptiles that are native to both prairie and alpine climates. With 17,000 acres of land to explore just outside of the Denver city limits, you won’t even have to wake up early to plan a trip to the area.

How To Use This Information

Watching wildlife can be an extremely memorable event, so getting the family out to observe from your car can be a comfortable yet exciting way to immerse yourselves in Colorado’s rich environment. However, many of these reserves don’t necessarily have paved roads, and dirt roads can be tricky to drive on especially if your car has been giving your trouble to date. To make sure your car is in tip top shape to travel on dirt roads, call Accurate Auto Body at 303-344-2122 or visit our website here.

Denver Auto Body Shop Recommends 5 of the Hottest Hot Springs in Colorado

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sb10069045e-001With Colorado’s mountainous terrain, sometimes it may seem like you would be hard-pressed not to find hot springs in Colorado. The thing is, not every hot spring is as good as the other, and each one brings their own charm. That’s why this Denver auto body shop intends on listing the five best hot springs in Colorado that you need to check out. The nice thing about hot springs is you can go regardless of the weather, in fact, sometimes going in the dead of the winter can be a refreshing vacation away from the nasty cold weather. Here are out top five hot springs in Colorado:

1- Strawberry Park Hot Springs – Located near Steamboat Springs in what may seem like one of the more isolated parts of Colorado, Strawberry Park Hot Springs is truly a magical experience. Unlike most hot springs, this pool is designed to feel natural, as though you had stumbled upon it yourself in the middle of the mountains. The hot springs run parallel to mountain runoff which is extremely cold after you’ve been dipping in the hot water for an hour. If you’re feeling thrill-seeking though, you can attempt to swim across the river after soaking in the hot water to see how long you can last.

2- Glenwood Springs Hot Springs – Conveniently located off of I-70 in the majestic town of Glenwood Springs, Colorado, the Glenwood Springs Hot Springs feature some of the biggest hot springs in the world. The town itself was built over a vast hot spring reserve, making something like this possible. The pool is part of a bigger resort. The massive pool itself has relatively warm water, while it sits next to a smaller, significantly hotter pool. The resort also has two water slides that can be enjoyed by the children, and a restaurant so that you can enjoy a meal after soaking.

3- Pagosa Springs Hot Springs – Like Glenwood Springs, Pagosa Springs is also built near a particularly large hot spring reserve. If you aren’t familiar with it, the town is in the southwest corner of the state. The Pagosa Springs Hot Springs are also part of a major resort. Unlike Glenwood Springs though, it features several small and unique hot pools, rather than one all-encompassing gargantuan one. This allows you to pick a pool and enjoy some personal time with friends or family. Each pool has its own niche, whether it is a cliff view of the San Juan River, or a hot spring waterfall. The resort itself is also very aesthetically pleasing, outfitted with red-brick tiling and solid-sulfur structures, the springs are a certain a scene to behold.

4- Ouray Hot Springs – Located in the brilliant town of Ouray, Colorado, the Ouray Hot Springs feel a lot like a water park more than anything else. The 3 pools are filled with a combined total of one million gallons of hot spring water, and one of the pools even features lap lanes. Trying to do swimming laps in hot water can give you more stamina, giving you the kind of workout that feels great before, during, and after.

5- Hot Sulphur Springs Resort – Located in the appropriately named town of Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado, this resort prides itself on having the most natural spring waters in Colorado. The waters come directly from the center of the Earth, and there are no additives. With 21 mineral pools, you’ll be bound to find a pool for your family to soak in and enjoy. It’s truly an amazing experience.

How To Use This Information

These are just some of the numerous hot springs found throughout Colorado. They are all truly a treat and worth the journey out. Unfortunately, if you live in the Denver Metro Area, then you will always have to venture into the mountains to reach them, and that means you will want to make sure your car is mountain-ready. That is especially true in the winter months when you’ll want your breaks and tires to be in tip-top shape. So before embarking on a trip into hot spring country, stop by Accurate Auto Body, a series of Denver auto body shops. We will get you squared away and ready for your mineral-soaked trip in no time. To learn more, call us at 303-344-2212, or visit our website at here.

What is your favorite hot spring in Colorado?


Collision Repair Center Tips for Off-Roading

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As a mountain state, people in Colorado like to see themselves as rugged adventurers ready for the next outdoor thrill. One of the plethora of activities Coloradans enjoy is 4-wheeling, a colloquial term for off-roading. Colorado has many off-the-beaten path routes, so to speak, that you can drive any 4 by 4 vehicle across. But there are a few things that are important to understand before you embark on your quest across unpaved America, and if you don’t consider them, you might be finding yourself at a collision repair center before you know it.

1- Consider the type of car you will take. In reality, not all cars are created equally, and some cars are made exclusively to be driven on asphalt and occasionally unpaved roads. But if you were to take that tiny sedan across the desert, you’d be finding yourself stuck faster than you can say I need a tow truck. You need to be mindful of your car’s capabilities. If it lacks 4-wheel drive, then you can stop right there with your ambitions of taking your car out into the wilderness. 4-wheel drive is a must because it will give your car better traction control on all the uneven surfaces.

2- Make sure your car clears the ground. If your car isn’t a good amount above the ground relative to most cars, it probably won’t survive the trek. The high clearance protects its undercarriage from being damaged by all sorts of hazards that off-roading may present, like hard rocks, and sand. This is also why you generally need a truck to off-road, since their frames are typically relatively high.

3- Purchase off-road tires. Most tires you purchase for your car aren’t going to cut it for an off-roading adventure. The reason for this is most tires are built to support a car on asphalt, making it thickest on the tread and thinnest on the sidewall. The problem with that is when you are off-roading; a whole slew of objects can poke into the tire or compress it in ways it wasn’t designed to be compressed. Off-road tires are specially built to be very thick and sturdy to make off-roading more feasible. Just remember to take those off-roading tires off when you’re not using them; they make it very difficult to drive on normal roads.

4- Know the terrain. This could end up being the most vital component of off-roading. As much fun as exploring can be, being completely ignorant of the terrain can lead to many unforeseen obstacles to your adventure. You can easily go from a rocky area to a muddier one and before you know it; your car has driven head-first into quicksand. For this reason, many off-roading routes have been designated for that express purpose. You know that the off-roading conditions are relatively safe, and that the environment is controlled and monitored. If you really consider yourself an expert though, just make sure you survey the land via a hike or map before setting out in your car.

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Off-roading can really get the blood pumping, but you really want to make sure you know what you’re doing. Fortunately, outside of buying the right car, there are measures you can take and modifications you can make that can make your car off-road ready. If you need to make some of the modifications to your car required for the trip, or just have general questions about how it might affect your car, then consider Accurate Auto Body today, one of the Denver area’s best collision repair centers. Contact us by calling us at 303-344-2212, or visit our website here.


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