My First Car Accident!

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My first car accident occurred at the ripe old age of 16, and fortunately nobody but myself and my car were involved.  Actually, make that myself, my car, and a set of railroad tracks…yikes!

I was driving home from the drive-in movie theater, trying to hurry to make my curfew!  This drive-in theater was on the absolute outskirts of town, located in an area I was very unfamiliar with.

This was well before the age of smart phones, back when getting lost meant actually getting lost.  I knew I was driving in the wrong direction, so when I saw a road up ahead, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to turn around. Well, my night blindness was in full force, because this was not a cross street, but rather a rail road crossing.  On either side of the road, the rail road ties were no longer level with the street, but actually a good two feet off the ground.  Because I took the turn so quickly, I was halfway over the ties before I could react and reverse out.  This was unfortunately much too late to save the underbelly (I’m clearly not auto savvy!) of my tiny little Toyota Celica.

I resumed my drive, and noticed that as I was pulling onto my street, the ride got very bumpy.  I pull into my driveway, and notice that two of my tires are completely shredded.  Thinking this was the extent of it, I went in and faced the parental fire.  They were surprisingly understanding, but had said I would have to pay for new tires with my own money.  So the next day I hunted down and purchased two tires and brought them home to put on the car.  Once this was done, I got in my car for a test drive.  As soon as I accelerated, it became apparent that there was much more wrong with my car than the tires.  It wouldn’t accelerate past maybe 15mph, even when flooring it.  This happened several times, until I gave up and went in to explain to my parents the tragedy.

Long story short, after we got the car to a auto body repair shop, it ended up being totaled.  It was an awful experience at the time, but a laughable story 15 years hind site.  Lesson learned: wear glasses at night, and don’t get lost!!

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