How I (or I should say how my dad) Wrecked My Car!

Posted on: February 24th, 2012 by Accurate Auto Body Repair No Comments

Everyone remembers their first car and their first car accident. Those are two very unforgettable moments in your life that tend to stick with you.

The night of my 16th birthday, my parents surprised me with a very small jewelry box. I was so excited to see the necklace they had gotten me. I opened my “necklace” and to my surprise, there was no necklace, but instead two of the most beautiful keys I had ever seen in my life. Keys to my very first car! I ran to the garage and found a shiny red two-door Dodge Neon. It was perfect!!

I had not tested for my license yet, so it was decided that my dad would instead drive my car to my birthday dinner the night I got my new car.  It was a perfect snowy February evening in Colorado, made even more beautiful through my Dodge Neon windows.

We went to my favorite restaurant and had a great time. When we walked outside to make the drive home, my car was nowhere to be found. My heart sank into my stomach and the panic set it. Someone had stolen my car before I even had the chance to drive it!  After a few minutes of panic and investigating, we saw tire tracks from where my car was originally parked to where my car was now sitting on the other side of the parking lot. There she was!  My car is a manual, and it turns out when my dad parked the car, he didn’t pull up the emergency brake.  Apparently the combination of fresh snow and no emergency brake had caused my car to slide down the hill right between two cars!  The first accident in my car and I wasn’t even driving!  All three cars were damaged, but fixable.

We can laugh about it now, but I was one un-happy girl! What a fun story to have as a memory. My first car and first accident all in one night!

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