Schedule the Fun Stuff to Improve Work/Family Balance

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O ne of the best ways to help improve your work/family balance is to make it a point to schedule fun activities in your week that are not related to work and treat these appointments with the same level of respect as a meeting with an important client.

Making sure to participate in activities outside of work on a regular basis is an easy way to fight burnout and build more satisfying relationships with your family and friends.

Here are a few additional tips and benefits of adding down times to your week:

You’ll have something to look forward to. Studies have shown that one of the benefits of planning a vacation or a night out with your spouse is the pleasure gained by anticipating your upcoming fun event. Choose an exciting destination for your next trip and get it scheduled as soon as you can.

Use your vacation time. Find two or three long weekend or take a full week and get away from the day to day to get new perspective your work activities. Down time is an important part of long-term success at work.

Set up the next time right away. If part of your down time is a workout with a co0-worker or a dinner date with a friend, make sure to grab your schedule before leaving and get the next one on the books.  This keeps the momentum going.

Scheduling fights lost time. Have you ever had the experience of checking the clock on a Saturday and realizing most of the day has slipped by? Planning a weekend trip with the kids to a park or a lunch with a friend in advance is a great way to make sure these important activities don’t get lost in the shuffle.

What’s your favorite way to take it easy? Share your best ways stay connected and positive  in the comments.

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