Getting the Most for Your Money – Simple Ways to Stretch Your Lunch Budget

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Tasty Turkey Sandwich Food expenses are often one of the main places most people can save money in their monthly budget if they take a few minutes to think things through and plan a weekly menu.

Here are some ways to make the most of money you spend on what you eat for lunch.

Stock up the fridge at work. If your employer provides a refrigerator, grab some space and have a few frozen meals ready as back up for days where you don’t have time to prepare a lunch. This will allow you to not have to spend extra money unexpectedly eating out.

Make extra for dinner. When you cook dinner during the week, plan a few meals that work well as leftovers. Crockpot meals are often great options to get dinner and a lunch for the whole family. Make some rice or pasta to mix in with the leftovers and you will be set to go.

Stock your desk with snacks. Go for nuts or energy bars if you need a quick boost. These choices make sure you get the most nutrition and energy for the extra calories. Fresh fruit or veggies are also great options to have on hand to fight off the urge to grab something out of the vending machine.

Pick and choose when you go out. If lunch is an opportunity to socialize at your workplace, see if you can steer the group away from expensive sit-down restaurants and head for something less expensive. There are plenty of great choices that will allow for time to catch up without the added cost.

Don’t forget sandwiches. One of the main reason sandwiches are so popular is they are super-easy to make and transport. If you find yourself pressed for time, pack the components for a sandwich in separate plastic bags, add a bottle of your favorite condiment to the work fridge and enjoy a fresh sandwich for a fraction of the price of going out.

What’s your favorite budget lunch trick? Let us know your best advice in the comments.

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