Managing Work/Family Balance – Smart Ways to Manage Holiday Stress

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Keeping work/family balance in order during the holidays can be an added challenge for anyone. If you keep the following ideas in mind over the next few weeks, you can turn the holidays into a fun opportunity to get closer to your friends and family.

Do you have realistic expectations? While it is fun to plan special celebrations and hunt for unique gifts, allow for the possibility things will not always go according to plan. Keep in mind what is really important during these festive times and don’t let a burnt pie or a gift that receives a less than enthusiastic response weight down the rest of your holiday celebrations.

Set a budget. Spending too much on gifts is a surefire way to boost the stress level in your household for months after the big day. Take a look at your finances and set a reasonable amount for your holiday shopping budget. A handy trick is to go to the bank and withdrawal your budget in cash. Once your stash is gone, you know any extra goodies are going beyond your initial budget.

Find low-cost holiday fun. This tip goes right along with setting a budget. There are a ton great holiday activities in Denver that don’t cost a thing. Visit the illuminated Denver City and County building or just take a drive and check out the Christmas lights in your neighborhood. A number of communities put up ice skating rinks during December and the cost is normally just a few dollars.

Get some sunshine. The shorter days during winter (especially with daylight savings) can have a negative effect on your mood. Put your coat on and head out for a walk during lunch and get some sunshine. Even 20 minutes of sun can boost your mood.

Find a volunteer opportunity. Gratitude is a wonderful tonic for any extra stress the holiday creates. Look for a chance to give back to your community by volunteering for a local charity that you believe in. Not sure where to start? Visit and type “charities” into the search box.

What are you best strategies to manage holiday stress? Share your ideas in comments!

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