Family Road Adventures – Kid Road Trip Success Tips

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Colorado is a great state to pack up the car and take the family for a driving adventure. Travel that involves children requires some planning to ensure everyone enjoys the trip. Here are some tips for your next outing.

Infants: Traveling with infants is more about scheduling than it is about keeping them entertained. Infants are usually comforted by the constant hum of the motor and will be happy with a few toys and a nap. It can be much easier if one adult sits in the back with the infant to play with them when they are awake and take care of them as needed.

Plan on stopping regularly to allow for changing diapers and feeding. This is also a great excuse to stop at interesting roadside attractions that you might otherwise drive past on your way to your destination.

Toddlers: Toddlers require more in the way of entertainment than almost any other age. Their short attention spans and high energy level can make traveling in a car challenging. Plan on stopping for about 20 minutes of active fun every 2 hours.

Parks are great places to stop as they have play equipment and most have large grassy areas to run in. If the weather is rainy, look to stop at a restaurant with a play area.  Like traveling with infants, having a toddler on board is a great excuse to stop more often and explore along the way.

Grade School: Grade school kids vary in their abilities to entertain themselves. With today’s mobile technology they can bring electronic games, movies or music for entertainment. While these items will keep them happy,  plan to take advantage games like “I Spy” to interact with them as you travel.

Tweens and Teens: Tweens and teens can be made part of the adventure by helping with the planning. They may also enjoy being in charge of photos and electronically recording the trip. Older teens can help with the driving and navigation. This age group is old enough to keep themselves occupied during the journey, but it is important to get them to engage with the rest of the family to make the best of the trip.

More Tips

  •  Bring a new toy or game for every hour of the trip and unwrap them on a schedule.
  • Learn several games such as “I Spy” before you go on the trip so everyone can play along.
  • Stop as needed to let people stretch and get rid of some energy.
  • Bring twice as many items to play with as you think they will need.
  • Bring a portable DVD or iPad, but use it sparingly.
  • Bring books to read out loud or books on MP3 that are age appropriate.

Traveling with kids can be an adventure no matter where you are going. Let us know your best secrets for successful road trips with kids in the comments.


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