5 Non-Hybrid Cars that Get 40 MPGs!

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If you want excellent gas mileage – hybrids seem to be the big push by automakers, but not everyone is comfortable with the technology. The good news is, there are actually several quality non-hybrid vehicles on the market today that get 40 mpg for highway driving. Here are five to consider that will help you get the most for your money.

Chevrolet Cruze Eco. This mid-sized family sedan gets an impressive 42 mpg (highway). It is able to accomplish this through weight reduction, advanced aerodynamics and a powerful, yet fuel effeicient, 1.4L turbocharged engine. If you choose to not go with the Eco version to save some money — you will still get 38 mpg. Pricing for the Cruze starts around $18,000.

Volkswagen Passat TDI. Regardless of whether you prefer gas or diesel, this model will deliver at least 40 mpg on highway – the diesel will hit 43 mpg. This popular sedan comes in a wide range of trims and features – and has a history as a proven, dependable car. It ranges in price from $20,000 to the mid-30s.

Mazda 3i Grand Touring. A top safety pick by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, this sporty sedan ties for 1st in the U.S. News and World Reports Most Affordable Small cars. It does matter though which model you choose – besides the 3i Grand Touring model, a few others Mazda3’s get 40 mpg – but most only get in the mid-30s.

Ford Focus SFE. The Ford Focus has been a dependable vehicle in the small car market for more than a decade. Its 2013 models are no exception — and the SFE package with automatic transmission gets an estimated 28/40 mpg. Most of the Focus line gets at least 35 mpg. The Focus base (ST) starts at under $17,000.

Chevrolet Sonic. This sub-compact sedan is surprisingly roomy for a small car. Chevy markets the car as a fun vehicle to drive – and with a turbocharged engine it’s true. With 40 mpg highway miles, this sporty car can travel nearly 500 miles on a tank of gas. The base vehicle is priced under $15,000.

To learn about the fuel economy of today’s vehicles visit fueleconomy.gov – or read results from the Edmunds 40-mpg test drive.

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