Reel in your Road Rage

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So you had a stressful day. Your boss yelled at you at work, your coworkers laughed at you, you have a stack of reports to read at home, you spilled coffee all over your brand new slacks. What’s worse? Now you have to drive home in rush hour and bring your kids to soccer practice on the other side of town. You are tired, hungry, angry, and fed up. You start your car.

Now stop there; take a breath, unwind for a second, and remind yourself that everyone has bad days. Your bad mood does not give you the right to put yourself, your kids, and other drivers at risk on the road. A big part of you feels like going 90 in traffic, weaving dangerously between cars, and honking and swearing at anyone in your way, but you will hold back. There are plenty of stupid and careless drivers out there, sure, but you remind yourself that they are not targeting you. Everyone makes mistakes. Even if another driver provokes you, you will remember that you have nothing to prove to them or anyone else on the road. You can turn on the radio, maybe sing along to some Taylor Swift, ask your kids how their days went, enjoy the good weather, and soon you will be home, eating a steak and relaxing. There, now you feel better.

But too few people think this way before getting in their cars. Road rage is a national phenomenon that gets worse and worse every year, at a human price. Aggressive driving tactics—such as tailgating, erratic lane-changes, illegal passing, excessive honking, and shouting and gesturing profanely—or even trivial disputes over parking spaces or slow driving can escalate into full-on assault. In the 90s, road rage caused 218 murders and over 12,000 injuries, usually inflicted by firearms or the car itself. Statistics show that aggressive driving causes 1/3 of all car crashes and 2/3 of car fatalities. Plus, aggressive driving is bad for your own health: it raises your stress and heart pressure, leading to lower back pain, migraines, menstrual problems, and even infertility. And if you drive that way, then your kids will too.

So if you ever feel angry on the road, follow these tips. Avoid driving when you are very tired or hungry; it helps to keep water and snacks in your car. Leave for appointments and meetings on time, because hurrying everywhere is stressful and dangerous. Adopt a team outlook on driving: everyone else on the road is just doing what they need to do, so help out your fellow community member. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. And if you do feel negative emotions swelling up inside you, just concentrate on your breathing. You’ll be alright

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