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Window tinting Colorado, Car painting Denver, Aurora body shop Everyone knows that it’s proper car-lover etiquette to keep your car exterior clean, shiny, and free of dents. But once you get inside your car, the exterior barely matters; it’s the interior that defines the driving experience you’ll have. If you are shopping for a new or used car, you should set a high standard for the look, quality, and cleanliness of the vehicle interior.

By now, the auto industry giants have nearly perfected car interior technology and design, and every year, the authoritative automotive organization Ward’s ranks the 10 Best Auto Interiors, along with the 10 Best Engines. The contest focuses only on brand-new cars or old models with significantly revamped interiors, and the 10 Best are painstakingly narrowed down from 46 contestants over a two month period. Here are a few of the particularly outstanding ones from 2013’s Best for a variety of price ranges.

As well as being the cheapest of 2013’s 10 Best, the Kia Forte ($25,515) is also the only one not to use the most popular interior design strategy of the year: contrasting shades. Instead, the Forte chooses a monochromatic black interior and upholstery with elegant white stitching and silver accents. It has a large touchscreen interface (as do all the Best 10 this year) with street navigation, phone Bluetooth functions, and “infotainment” media—it even says goodbye to you when you turn it off! A surprisingly spacious compact car, you should consider the Forte as an affordable, practical, but stylish option.

This year’s Mazda6 ($31,490) is a luxurious but reasonably priced example of the current shade-mixing trend—and so much more. I’ts three interior colors—black, burgundy, and white-almond—blend perfectly and look exquisite with the aluminum accents and red, white, and black stitching throughout. Also, the infotainment system is remarkably easy to use.

Debuting 25 years ago with a clunky body and an interior to match, the Nissan Pathfinder ($44,395) went through an extreme makeover this year and came out with astounding comfort and elegance. Its dark wood and rich beige leather make for a sleek yet cozy interior. The third seating row has become much easier to access, placing the Pathfinder in the highest ranks of big family cars.  Car function controls are simple and efficient, and Ward’s concluded that “even the blinkers sound great.”

The Ram 1500 Larimie Longhorn ($55,390) has blazed a new trail in luxury pickup trucks. With heated, saddle-brown leather seats, copper accents, and wood trim of real walnut, the Larimie Longhorn was one of the few interiors to receive near-perfect scores. This pickup costs a pretty penny and may make a bigger debut in wealthy suburbs than rural ranches, though it is equipped for both.

These are just four of ten stunning vehicles in 2013’s lineup. So if you’re buying a car this year, don’t forget to think inside the box.

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