Backseat Boredom: Keeping Your Kids Entertained

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The family road trip to (Yellowstone, Disneyland, Mount Rushmore, etc.) is right around the corner, and everyone’s getting geared up for a grand old time! But wait, you have to get there first…whether it’s four hours or forty hours, a long drive is rarely something to look forward to.

But it can be! There are plenty of ways to make a road trip boredom- and bicker-free, or even fun! That doesn’t mean giving your kid a handheld and some headphones an enjoying the silence; that means turning a car ride into an adventure, and swapping family feuding for family bonding.

Try out these great car games, and watch the hours fly by:

20 Questions: An enduring classic. One person thinks of something (A person, place, or thing according to one version; an animal, mineral, or vegetable according to another) and answers yes-or-no questions from the other players, who try to deduce the thing in under twenty questions.

Categories: One person thinks of a category—reptiles, breakfast cereals, US presidents, etc.—and everyone goes in a circle, saying something that fits in that category. Whoever can’t think of another word or repeats something already said gets a point against them, and the last person to say a valid word picks the next category.

The Alphabet Game: This is a game with several versions. In one, people on either side of the car look for the letters of the alphabet in order on vehicles, signs, and billboards, racing each other. In another, a player starts off by saying “I’m going to a picnic and I’m bringing…” or “My dad owns a store where he sells…” and then lists an item starting with A; players go around, repeating those words and adding their own in alphabetical order, until the last player must recite every item from A to Z. A third version is like categories, except players must use the last letter of the previous word as the first letter of their word (“Mexico, Oman, Nepal…”).

Trivia: In its many forms, trivia is always a great pastime. You can find trivia books and cards at any bookstore, such as Brainquest and Trivial Pursuit. If you have a map, you can quiz your kids on geography, or one kid can find a “secret place” on a map and give his sibling one minute to find it. If your have an almanac or a map with state facts, you can quiz each other on the size and population of the states, state capitals and mottos, or anything you find interesting!

Word Games: Here are three great ones. Use the letters on license plates to form letters or phrases, whichever you choose (350-BTD: either “battered” or “bus to Denver”). Take turns saying words, phrases, or sentences aloud to collaboratively form a story. Or take turns saying letters that continue a word without finishing it; for example, if three people say R-O-A-, saying D, M, or R would complete the word and make you lose, but saying X doesn’t continue any real word, so try saying C to continue “roach.”

These games can turn the long hours into great family moments. If you learn and play these and load up the car with toys, travel-size board games, art-and-craft supplies, and books on tape, the vacation will start as soon as you pull out of your driveway!

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