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Stress comes in many forms, but it’s always a mix of inevitable and preventable. Life happens, and there’s no escaping the strains of working, child-rearing, tax paying, getting around, answering emails, and surviving in the modern world. But this normal, natural stress can be curbed with simple strategies to prevent the preventable pressure that people often place on themselves.

Stress about time, stress about self, stress about stress itself can amplify how overloaded you feel at any moment. Learning how to relax, feel better, and be optimistic can turn your life around, making you more outwardly helpful than inwardly hostile. If you find yourself grinding your teeth, bursting from pressure, and driving angrily, see what these stress-reducing strategies do for you:

  • Deep Breathing: Take a few minutes out of each day to relax and concentrate on your breathing. It slows the heart rate and clears the mind. Breathe in slowly through your nose, feeling the air move through your body, and release it through your mouth. You can pair this with meditation, attempting to clear your mind of thought. Sit upright, close your eyes, and imagine yourself sinking. You’ll feel better in minutes, and for hours.
  • Exercise: Good blood flow is an excellent way to combat stress, whether that be from consistent exercise patterns or just breaks from work to run around a little bit. Virtually any form of exercise will help: it releases positive endorphins, provides a distraction from worries, and gives you “meditation in motion.”
  • Intimacy: Whether this be a simple social life with friends and coworkers or a deep, close relationship with a family member or loved one, devoting at least part of your day to social intimacy will reduce your stress immensely. Talking to other people—and having them talk to you—is the best way to escape from being trapped inside your head and worries.
  • Relax Your Body: Take hot baths, use a warm heat rap, stretch out your limbs, and use a foam roller or tennis ball to massage your tense muscles. Treat yourself! Indulge in healthy, delicious snacks, listen to music you love, and seek out whatever else brings you comfort.
  • Be Grateful: Remind yourself every day what you’re grateful for, or keep a journal of all the things you appreciate in life.
  • Laugh!

Try these out, and watch your superfluous worry wash away!

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Stressing less makes you a safer driver: a calmer, more composed driver is less likely to end up needing Denver bumper repair or visiting the Colorado collision center. However, even if you pummel your pressure and reach enlightenment, there are still angry drivers out there, so that’s where Accurate Auto Body comes in. We’re here to help whenever you, another driver, or Mother Nature takes out her stress on your car (that’s right, we fix Denver hail damage too). Call us today at (303) 344-2212 or contact us online.

What do you do to keep your stress in check?

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