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Summer is over, but road trip season never ends! Every weekend is an opportunity to drive somewhere new in Colorful Colorado, and every break—Labor Day Weekend, Thanksgiving Break, or Fall Break if you’re lucky enough to have it—is a chance to hit the road and head to spots that were too hot this summer. While Colorado has enough sites to last a lifetime, its neighbor Utah has just as much to offer. Deserts, mountains, lakes, canyons…if you’ve never been, start planning your next trip, and if you’ve been before, there’s no way you’ve seen it all:

Moab: Fifty miles into the state from its eastern border and just thirty miles off of I-70, Moab is any Coloradan’s gateway to Utah. Much more remarkable than the town itself is the land surrounding it: Moab sits between Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park, two of the state’s most impressive sites and some of the best red rock landscapes in the world. With outdoor activities galore for the whole family, you can’t go wrong.

Lake Powell: For great weather, water activities, and a spectacular landscape, head down to the Arizona border and rent a boat on the stunning Lake Powell. A sprawling web of 96 canyons carved into the sandstone by the Colorado River (which drops into the Grand Canyon just a hundred miles downstream), it’s warm water makes swimming and boating a delight.

Bryce Canyon National Park: Head a little further west and find the land of the hoodoos—forests of stone left standing after erosion erased the rock around it. What results is the indescribable landscapes of Bryce Canyon, an unbeatable sight and a new take on the red rock that dominates much of the state.

Zion National Park: Utah’s oldest national park tucked away in the southwest of the state, Zion offers a wider diversity of plant and animal life—and color of rock—than the rest of the state. With incredible canyons, an indigenous history, and no lack of hiking and biking trails, Zion is one of Utah’s favorites.

Salt Lake City: Resting on the Great Salt Lake—the largest inland body of saltwater in the Western Hemisphere—Salt Lake City has many attractions to offer, from its Old West history to its importance to the Mormon Church to its proximity to wonderful mountain sites. Walk around the Historic Temple Square, see the Golden Spike National Historic Site where the transcontinental railway was completed in 1869, or head to the mountains to shred the slopes at Sundance, Park City, or any one of the area’s world-famous ski resorts. Film aficionados can plan their trip around the Sundance Film Festival to catch a glimpse of the stars!

Hop in the car and hit the road, because Utah beckons!

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