Rules of the Road: Avoid Fees and Fines

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Buying and maintaining a car is expensive enough: the car, the insurance, the gas, the oil, the tires, the tune-ups, the repairs and replacements. So why pay more? Why let a cop pull you over for a traffic violation, or leave a ticket on your windshield for improper parking, or charge you fees in court for reckless driving, when you could save hundreds of dollars simply by knowing and following the rules of the road? Traffic scientists have done the research and discovered that speeding, aggressive driving, and ignoring stoplights and signs rarely save drivers over a minute of time. What minute is worth a $300 ticket? Not only that, but many driving infractions also raise the price of your auto insurance. Read up on the simple rules of the road, and stop spending extraneous cash on your car.

  • First, know that fines for specific violations vary widely from country to county, and while the official Model Traffic Code for Colorado gives ranges for each violation, these numbers aren’t necessarily followed; so it’s best just to drive by the rules
  • Don’t speed; if you don’t see a speed limit sign, follow these rules: 20mph for narrow mountain highways and blind turns; 25mph for central business districts; 30mph for residential areas; 40mph for mountain highways; 55-65mph for non-mountain rural highways; and 65-75mph for rural interstates
  • Always drive slower at night and in bad weather conditions, and remember that fines for speeding are doubled in school zones and construction areas
  • Some areas have minimum speed limits as well, but not many; stay in the right lane if you generally drive slow, and on two-lane highways, treat the left lane as the passing lane
  • You’re responsible for keeping your vehicle registered: out-of-state vehicles must have their license plates verified by the state within 30 days of moving here, and Colorado plates must be renewed every ten years; most counties along the Front Range require emissions tests every two years after the car’s fourth year
  • Replace your taillights and headlights when they run out, and dim your high beams when approaching a vehicle 500 feet away or following a vehicle 200 feet in front of you
  • Right turns on red are legal ONLY after a full stop and if the lane is clear; always come to a complete stop at stop signs
  • Signal when turning 100 feet ahead of time, or 200 feet when driving over 40mph
  • If you get in an accident and there are no injuries, driving impairments, or suspicion of drugs or alcohol, it’s state law to move the cars involved out of traffic immediately, even before police arrive
  • All text messaging while driving is illegal, and drivers under 18 are forbidden from talking on the phone while driving
  • Click it or ticket: drivers, front seat passengers, and all children under 16 are required by law to wear seatbelts; children ages 4-7 are required to sit in booster seats, and children under 4 are required to sit in safety seats
  • All DUIs and DWAIs are taken very seriously and incur points on—or revocation of—your drivers license, a fine, jail time, and/or community service hours; even lightly impaired drivers under 21 get their licenses revoked

A ticket paid is a penny burned, so follow the rules and save your cash. It’s that easy!

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Following traffic laws is not only good for your wallet; they exist to protect your, your car’s, and your fellow drivers’ safety. Failing to follow these rules could charge you more than just a ticket, but also a heavy bill at your Aurora collision center, even at Accurate Auto Body, the most fairly priced Aurora body shop. Save cash on Colorado car repair, and keep yourself and others safe for everyone’s good. Call Accurate at (303) 344-2212 to learn more, or set up an appointment online.

Have you ever gotten a driving ticket for something you shouldn’t have done?

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