Tomorrow’s Car: The End of Human Drivers?

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Every year, cars become even more stunning pieces of technology. If you showed a luxury 2013 car model to people from just two decades ago—let alone Henry Ford—they would be flabbergasted by the ease of control, the fuel efficiency, the touch-screen GPS and MP3 functions, the Bluetooth capabilities, the rear-view cameras, and the advanced self-parking and crash-preventing features that some models now have. And with the rate at which modern technology develops, imagine how another twenty years will transform the driving experience! Let’s look at what auto innovators have in store for the near and far future:

  • The challenge of at least the next decade will be to make the most fuel-efficient car, and to rethink exactly what fuels it; we’re already seeing efficiency developments take place as hybrids and electric cars begin flooding the market, but make way for vehicles powered by hydrogen, compressed air, and liquid nitrogen
  • Improving the energy-saving tactics of the machines themselves is another great goal of automakers; technologies that capture the heat produced by brakes and exhaust and use it to recharge the battery will greatly improve car efficiency; and more aerodynamic, low-drag builds will reduce car’s energy use
  • Car materials will also transform, as lighter vehicles have much better acceleration, control, and efficiency; all steel parts may eventually be replaced by duraluminum, fiberglass, and carbon tubes; other materials like water-repellent glass may also revolutionize car construction
  • The challenge of the next century, however, will be making cars intelligent: prototypes of autonomous cars, self-driving and navigating vehicles that can see their surroundings, avoid accidents, and drive better than most humans, have already been developed and may soon become widespread (imagine a car that can go pick up your kids at school, or drive you home when you’re a little impaired!)
  • These “smart cars” open up larger possibilities from a civil engineering perspective; perfect computer drivers would allow for much thinner roads and denser parking lots; the ability to group traffic together and have it move and brake closely and simultaneously, an idea know as platooning, could hugely reduce traffic congestion; and car accidents, which are largely caused by human error, would be reduced to nearly nothing when placed in the hands of computers

Whether you’re scared or excited, be prepared, because these changes aren’t slowing down any time soon!

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