5 Activities To Spice Up Your Family’s Halloween!

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Colorado auto body, Colorado car repair, Denver auto body Halloween is just a few days away and families everywhere have outfitted their homes with ghoulish decorations and frightful ornaments. Kids are ecstatic to show off their latest costumes and earn their annual rations of sugar coated goodness. But there are other activities to engage in to make this year’s installment of Halloween more “haunting” than usual. Here’s a list of Halloween activities for you and your loved ones.

1- Every child expects to approach a house, perhaps get a little spooked, then leave with a fistful of candy. Why not go the extra mile this year and turn the innards of your home into a haunted house? Turn your entire ground floor into a scary mansion, and have the kids work a little bit for their candy. Get creative, and get the whole family to participate in some fashion. Just don’t go overboard, remember these are kids. You don’t need to scar them this Halloween.

2- Go to a haunted corn maze. Colorado has an abundance of haunted corn mazes along the Eastern Plains. All you need is a quick Google search and you can find some great mazes in your area. A haunted corn maze can be a very memorable family experience.

3- Organize a family movie night, with a pre-selected Halloween themed movie. If your family’s on the older side, perhaps invest in a horror film or two. Otherwise, there are some great, milder films in the genres meant for children. Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown 1 through 3, as well as Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin, are some classics that will be a treat to enjoy with the entire family.

4 – Throw a Halloween party for the neighborhood. Ask all families to come and dress up in costumes. Put on a costume contest and give the winner a prize for their creativity. Put on some Halloween-themed snacks for the guests to enjoy, like candy corn, odd colored punch, and pumpkin-shaped cookies.

5- Go on a family adventure downtown in your costumes, let the entire city relish at your moxie as you do simple things like go to dinner, to a museum, or just walk around, all in your family costumes. You’ll create a great memory for years to come.

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Have a splendid Halloween with some of these great tips. And then, make sure that your car is in good shape as you drive around preparing for these activities. You don’t want to ruin the holiday with car trouble. Visit a Colorado auto body shop to check your car out. Accurate auto body, a Colorado car repair shop, is guaranteed to have your car ready for the holiday season. And even if you do meet some sort of automotive trouble, they will get you in and out in a split. Happy Halloween!

What do you do with your family on Halloween?

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