Go On Down To South Park

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Hail damage Denver, Colorado car repair, Dent repair Denver Inappropriate animated show? Terrible influence on kids? The debate is still out on this Comedy Central classic, but there should be no debate about the gorgeous Colorado valley. If you haven’t visited South Park, it’s more than worth the three-hour drive from Denver, and it’ll give you something to say to every out-of-stater who associates the Centennial State with Cartman and Kenny.

The US-285 route from Denver through Conifer to South Park—and its two biggest but very quaint towns, Fairplay and Alma—paves what used to be a mountain pass to some of the state’s richest gold deposits. Inhabited by the Ute Indians for centuries, South Park was settled by white pioneers during the 1859 Colorado Gold Rush. By 1863, Park County had extracted $1.5 million in gold, and by the 1880s, the area had become a haven not only for prospectors, but for hunters, fishers, ranchers, and lovers of wildlife. Its iconic wildflower meadows still adorn the area today, as well as herds of cattle and bison.

Designated a National Heritage Area by US Congress for its unique landscapes and historical buildings, South Park has attracted tourists for over a century but preserves its undeveloped expanses and its pieces of the untamed wild. Fairplay, apart from being the centermost point of Colorado, is actually its Trout Fishing Capital and one of its best pieces of history. On the outskirts of Fairplay lies South Park City, a restored 1880s mining town and an unforgettable tourist site!

Just a few miles up Highway 9 from Fairplay, you’ll find Alma, a great jumping off point for the area’s hiking, biking, camping, and all outdoor events. After looking around the small and adorable town of Alma, Check out Kite Lake, the ghost town Buckskin Joe, and the unbeatable Bristlecone Pine Scenic Area.

Plan your next trip today! Whether it’s a week or a weekend, you won’t run out of things to do and see in South Park! 

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