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Are you a truck person? Colorado is full of them, and its many dirt roads, rough landscapes, and outdoor activities make it a great place to have one. In fact, we live in a truck continent: the classic Ford F-150 pickup truck was the best-selling vehicle in North America for over 35 years! While rising gas prices and the 2008 economic crash sliced its annual sales in half, Americans are buying cars and trucks again, and the F-150 has reclaimed its crown! Let’s look at the hot trucks of 2013 and weigh their pros and cons:

  • Ford F-150: It doesn’t win gold for nothing: with its sturdy exterior, a black leather interior that seats up to six, foldable seats to expand the already spacious truck bed, automatically extendable and retractable trailer mirrors, an advanced MyFord touchscreen display, and up to 411 horsepower with its 6.2-liter V-8 engine, this award winner has adapted to the modern age to remain a classic. 19 miles per gallon, 2013 models starting at $24,950.
  • Chevy Silverado: A very sturdy model with an impressively long truck bed (97’), the Silverado is one of the F-150’s toughest competitors. With many available interior and engine additional features, the Silverado can fit anyone’s needs; without them, it is still a powerful and effective vehicle, and any workman’s dream. 18 miles per gallon, 2013 models starting at $31,124.
  • Dodge Ram: The Dodge Ram is a versatile beast, whose powerful and dynamic engine can carry everything from one driver to one large family, a trailer, and a load of cargo. Dodge has seriously upscaled its interior. Its exterior exudes power and a command of the road. 20 miles per gallon, 2013 models starting at $28,875.
  • GMC Sierra: A close relative of the Silverado, the GMC Sierra is set apart by its style. It’s new trim, advanced technology, an automatic all-wheel system, and a deluxe interior make Sierra owners some of the proudest. And it remains an impressively powerful truck: some of its best models can tow up 12,000 pounds! 16 miles per gallon, 2013 models start at $31,523.

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