The Potential of Bluetooth Technology in the Car

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Colorado auto body, Colorado car repair, Colorado collision In the automobile industry, it seems like every year some technology is facilitating our driving experience in some way. In Colorado, where considerable portions of the population commute to work, drivers are spending more time within their vehicles, and each driver’s time is a finite resource that can be depleted. The fact is drivers need to be able to multi-task in their vehicles. The problem with multitasking in a car is that you really should be keeping your attention on the road at all times.

Enter Bluetooth Special Interest Group, a company that manages Bluetooth technologies and networks. As phones and computers have made Bluetooth technologies standard in their products, car manufacturers have become determined to do the same. Generally speaking, what Bluetooth technologies do is allow the wireless transfer of data across short distances, such as in your car. While originally, Bluetooth could only be found in luxury lines of cars; today, Bluetooth has become standard in many economy cars. The technology has become so common and inexpensive that car manufacturers cannot consider the technology a rich man’s toy.

And this is wonderful for you the consumer, with your Bluetooth phones and music players. Bluetooth allows you to talk on the phone within your car, by connecting your phone to the car’s onboard computer. With a free hand, you can better focus on driving, while still safely talking to a potential client, concerned family member, or spontaneous friend. Bluetooth technologies have also enabled cars to read and type text messages out loud, so you don’t have to grab your phone at any point during the drive. Voice command features have made hands-on technologies obsolete, in when it comes to driving, that are more than ideal. The more technologies can limit distractions in the car, the safer the roads will be. Bluetooth can even connect your music player, whether it is on your phone or not, to the car, allowing you to seamlessly play music in your car. No more reaching towards the radio to change CD’s, or your connected iPod to change songs. Now, you simply press a button on your steering wheel and shift through your playlist. Or use the voice command feature to select a specific track, artist, or playlist.

And technological manufacturers are getting more and more creative with Bluetooth in cars. On-board navigation through your phones, quick phone calls to discovered locations through the navigation, and many other possibilities await the next line of cars. Bluetooth technology has become an amazing feature in cars that is certain to help ameliorate the driving experience in the coming decade.

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If you can afford a newer car, regardless of its class, you will usually find Bluetooth in it these days. If you buy a car with Bluetooth capability, make sure you read the car manual to learn about the technology’s limitations, as not all Bluetooth devices work the same. If you’re still confused, then talk to any Colorado auto body shop mechanics. Accurate Auto Body, a Colorado collision repair shop with locations across the Denver metro area, is guaranteed to help you learn more about your Bluetooth accessible vehicle.

What does your car’s Bluetooth technology enable you to do?

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