Aurora Body Shop’s Tips for Fat-Trimming After The Holidays

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Aurora Body Shop The New Year is the time for fresh starts, and many of us are bent on losing that layer of fat that grew over the holidays. For lots of people, this means retrying the New Year’s Resolutions that didn’t work out last year. But don’t set unachievable goals for yourself that are destined to fail! Try these totally doable New Year’s Resolutions for long-lasting results. Read these tips from your Aurora body shop, and sculpt a new you in 2014!

Make gradual diet changes: Trying to transform your whole diet in one day never works. Make slow adjustments instead: eat a fruit or a healthy snack every day, drink water but flavor it with something you like, leave those unhealthy temptations at the grocery store, and so on. Gradual change leads to permanent change.

Start a manageable workout schedule: Wearing yourself out in the first week will lead to failure. Instead, add a medium amount of fitness to your weekly routine and try to preserve it as a habit. Even just thirty minutes of exercise four days a week—jogging, biking, swimming, team sports, manual labor—can do great things to your daily energy, cardiac health, and mood.

Automate your eating: Plan all your meals ahead of time. It’s much easier to plan healthy meals for the next week than to dream up a healthy meal every time you feel hungry. Your body is inclined to crave sweets and fats in the moment, so plan ahead, buy healthy groceries, and feel good about your choices.

Make these easy lifestyle changes, and feel good about your health all year round!

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Happy, healthy people are safer drivers. At Accurate Auto Body, we see so many stressed-out people come with damaged cars that we start to wonder whether the damage caused the stress or the stress caused the damage. Either way, our team is here to help you manage your work and family balance. Let us help your headache with our service extras, and give you more time in the day to take care of yourself and follow through on your New Years Resolutions. Never hesitate to ask us for help! Call at (303) 344-2212 or set up an appointment online.

Do you have any 2014 New Year Resolutions?

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