Denver Auto Body: Winterize and Cold-Proof Your Car

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Denver Auto Body Winter can wreak havoc on your car, unless you’re well prepared. There are plenty of things you can do to minimize the danger and damage from cold, snowy, and icy conditions. Some you can do right at home, others at your Denver auto body shop, but all will come in handy on the worst days of winter. Read these tips and learn what to do:

Clean and wax your car: While this is better done in advance, when the weather is still over 55 degrees, the Colorado winter has enough warm days that you can probably find a time to clean and wax the outside of your car. This will reduce the damage done to the car’s paint, and allow snow and ice to be brushed and scraped off more easily.

Clean the interior: Starting off winter with a clean car, inside and out, will certainly make your spring cleaning a lot easier. Tracking snow into your car is a lot worse when the car is already littered with grass and garbage. Vacuum the interior, and replace carpeted floor mats with waterproof vinyl or rubber ones.

Equip your car for everything: If you get stuck in a sticky situation, make sure you have the right equipment on hand. Get a brush and an ice scraper (often combined into one tool) in case your car gets covered; also consider bringing a collapsible shovel. A lock deicer product can also come in handy if your door freezes shut. Traction pads or scrap pieces of carpet can help get your car unstuck from snow. It never hurts to have some rope and jumper cables, as well as emergency equipment like a first aid kit, flashlight, snacks, blankets, candles, and even a flare.

Maximize your wipers: Your windshield wipers will be one of the most essential parts of your car in the winter, so make sure they are fit to do the job. Wipers that don’t have a clean swipe across the windshield or that are missing parts should be fixed or replaced, and then tested. Also make sure to buy winter wiper fluid with a deicer agent, and consider keeping an extra bottle in your car.

Check your lights and electricity: Cold weather can do awful things to your car battery, so it’s best to get your battery and lights tested before winter really sets in. Turn on your headlights without the engine on, then turn on the engine; if the lights get brighter, then your battery isn’t working as well as it could be and ought to be fixed or replaced. This and other tests can also be done at your Denver auto body shop.

Check your fluids: Coolant, antifreeze, oil, and other car fluids ought to be at the right levels and ratios. Read your car manual to figure out how to check these, or take your car to your Denver auto body shop to get them checked.

Buy snow tires: Read our post about snow tires and learn the best way to help your winter driving.

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