Auto Body Repair Denver Shop Reminds You To Refill Your Anti-Freeze

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Auto Body Repair Denver Coolant

Cold weather makes us wear our heavier coats, insulate our pipes, and many other activities to protect ourselves and materials against its damaging effects. This is especially true when the weather gets below freezing. Below freezing weather can risks severally freezing liquids into expansive solids, which can damage pipes, gears, and any other heat transfer machinery. Denver’s premier auto body shop, Accurate Auto Body, fully understands the importance of avoiding these kinds of calamities from occurring in your vehicle. If any component in your car becomes damaged, the entire system risks malfunctioning and ultimately can leave you stranded.

Fortunately, thanks to the magic of science, you don’t have to avoid driving your car when the thermometer reads below 32. Antifreeze, otherwise known as coolant, has been synthesized and sold commercially for decades, and with good reason, it is very effective. Antifreeze is a chemical additive that mixes with a liquid to significantly lower its freezing point. This is vital to a car because as long as the liquids in the engine remain fluid, the car will continue to function normally. If the liquids start freezing, they risk stopping the engine and damaging it from the inside. While there are many auto body repair Denver shops who would love nothing more than to charge you an arm and a leg for the repair; the mechanics at Accurate Auto Body think it’s imperative that you learn the secret behind avoiding an unnecessary trip to the body shop.

So how do you know when your vehicle needs an antifreeze refill? The process is incredibly easy. First, you just need to lift the hood, and search for your coolant/anti-freeze reservoir. Remember to keep your car off during this process. Typically, the reservoir is labeled via the cap or side, but if you are unable to locate it, consult your manual. Once you’ve located it, remove the cap and have a look inside the tube. There should be a perturbing or marked line near the top of the reservoir. If the coolant has reached the line, then your car does not need any more. If the fluid is below the line, then you should take measures to refill it.

Antifreeze mixtures can be purchased at any retail store or gas station. You will usually require a funnel to easily allow the mixture to flow into the reservoir without spillage. Some mixtures require that you add water into the reservoir, while others come already-mixed. Read the instructions on the side of the container to make sure. Then, just fill the reservoir until it reaches the full line. That’s it! Your car is ready to go out into the frozen tundra, and hopefully avoid a trip to the body shop.

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Damage to your car can ruin your day, so it’s important to practice good routine maintenance on your vehicle when you can. Adding antifreeze every so often is just one of those routine practices. We hope this tip keeps your car running smooth in the cold winter months, and Accurate Auto Body will be here for you if you ever need to fix dents or any other damage to your vehicle. Contact Accurate Auto Body today.

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