Auto Body Shop Secrets: Organizing Your Calendar

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Auto Body Shop Calendar

As one of Denver’s top auto body shops, Accurate Auto Body understands the significance of staying organized when trying to run a business, let alone your entire life. Organization keeps us on point, functional, and most importantly, sane. Organizing your calendar is just one of the methods in which we maintain order in an otherwise chaotic year. There are 365 days in a year, and you can’t expect to remember every little thing going on each and every day. But that also doesn’t mean that every little thing needs to go on your calendar. There’s no reason to book your calendar all six months in advance if you don’t have to, especially when so many plans can be tentative that far in advance.

Ultimately, when it comes to organizing your calendar, the point of the practice is to make the year seem more manageable. When your events and deadlines are laid out day-by-day, it doesn’t seem as overwhelming as if you had to think of all them at once. The practice lets you put certain dates out of mind, while focusing on matters that are more important, without having to worry about forgetting it. Anytime you need to add something to your calendar, you quickly just jot it down, and then return to whatever you were thinking about previously. But there are certain things you should be putting on your calendar and certain things you should be avoiding.



1- Sit at your calendar one day every week, and meticulously plan out your week. No need to go farther than that unless a few items that you really don’t want to forget come to mind. We usually reserve Sundays or Mondays for this.

2- Write down as much as you can for work. Missing important deadlines and meetings can be detrimental to your career, and you don’t want to lose your job over it.

3- Write down important events involving friends and family. You don’t want to be that guy who forgets people’s birthdays because they happened to coincide with game 3 of a baseball game.



1- Put routine activities for each day. Certain routine activities, like say eating lunch, are going to be remembered regardless of its place on your calendar. Your calendar doesn’t have infinite space, but you need to put down what you know or you could forget to do if you don’t write it down.

2- Fill up a space with one or two events. You never know when something will come up and you’ll need the extra space to fill in. If the space becomes illegibly cluttered, then it will defeat the purpose of organizing your calendar in the first place.

3- Leave your calendar or planner somewhere where you barely have access to it. The point of having a calendar is so you can refer to it at a moment’s notice.

How To Use This Information

Organization is often touted as one of the most desirable components in a business. Without proper organization, businesses can make errors that their customers will notice to their chagrin. That is why Accurate Auto Body strives to be one of the most organized auto body shops in Colorado. Unlike many other shops in the state, we strive to get your car done when we say it will be done, not a minute too late. Want proof, check out some customer experiences with our auto body shop. If you are pleased, then the next time you have car trouble, or just need a routine checkup, contact Accurate Auto Body.

How do you organize your calendar?

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