Auto Body Shop Tips: Pit Stops on the Prairie

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Spring is here, and with spring comes new opportunities for great road trips across mainland America. The thing is if you were to drive anywhere east of Accurate Auto Body, a Denver-based auto body shop, you would have to navigate the American expanse that is the prairies. While scenic in its own right, crossing America’s heartland to get to a destination out east can become somewhat repetitive if not mundane. Fortunately, there are some gems across America’s breadbasket that we would like to share with you. Here are five great pit stops on the prairie.

1 – Black Hills – The Black Hills are an isolated mountain range east of the Rocky Mountains that sprout out of western South Dakota and some of eastern Wyoming. Within this pine covered mountain areas,  you can find some impressive monuments, like Mount Rushmore National Monument, Wind Cave National Monument, Jewel Cave National Monument, Harney Peak, Custer State Park, and Crazy Horse National Monument.

2 – The Ozarks – Another highland region sprouting out of the plains, the Ozarks are located across southern Missouri and northern Arkansas. A beautifully wooded area, the Ozarks are often considered the largest highland area between the Rocky Mountains and Appalachians. Points of interest include Big Spring, Buffalo National River, the CCC lookout on White Rock Mountain, Artist’s Point, Mark Twain National Forest, and Saint Francis National Forest.

3 – The Wisconsin Dells – With roughly 3 million visitors a year, the Wisconsin Dells of the Wisconsin River are a sight to behold. Located in south-central Wisconsin, the dells are a geological rock formation along a sandstone gorge on the Wisconsin River. The sandstone was oddly carved after a glacier dam burst unleashing a catastrophic flood in the area that also created deep gorges across the river plain. The area has become a popular summer tourist destination, featuring several water parks throughout the area.

4 –Gateway Arch – Located in Saint Louis, the arch has become a glimmering symbol of the gateway city. The arch was constructed in 1965 to commemorate America’s expansion westward. Towering at 630 feet, the gateway arch is America’s tallest man-made monument, and the largest arch in the world. The Arch is made of stainless steel, and through a specially built elevator, can be ascended to the top for an impressive view of St. Louis’ skyline.

5 – Lebanon, Kansas – Just a few miles off of the geographic center of the continental United States, Lebanon, Kansas a humble little town with an impressively small population of 218 people. A plaque was built commemorating the location as the center of the 48 United States in 1918.  Since Alaska and Hawaii joined the union, the geographic heart of all fifty states was determined to be further north, at Belle Fourche, South Dakota.

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These are just five of the many hidden gems across America’s heartland. While driving across the plains may be a struggle for some, with enough research you can find many pleasant destinations along the way eastward. But remember, long drives anywhere require your car to be in mint condition, so make sure you stop by Accurate Auto Body before your trip so we can ensure your vehicle is in mint condition for a road trip.

What destinations along the prairie do you prefer?

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