Colorado Collision Repair Fact Check: Car Maintenance Myths

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colorado collision repair fact check Owning a car is a lot of responsibility, and in order to preserve it, it’s important to practice appropriate maintenance. Despite decades of car maintenance, there are certain myths that exist with car maintenance that are simply not true. As a dignified Colorado collision repair center, Accurate Auto Body would like to take this time to debunk some myths associated with your automobile.

Myth: When it’s cold, let the engine warm up for a few minutes before driving

Reality: This myth has some merit, as it was once true for cars of an older generation. But today, engines are built so that they warm up faster and more effectively when the car is being driven. While you wouldn’t want to floor it out of your neighborhood after turning on the car, an easy drive for the first few minutes will get your car warmed up far faster than letting it sit in park.

Myth: Premium fuel is more efficient and better for your car.

Reality: Premium fuel exists for high-performance vehicles, and doesn’t necessarily add anything to otherwise regular vehicles. The “premium” title implies it is of a higher octane, which means it is tougher to burn so that it won’t pre-ignite. While this is helpful in a high-performance vehicle, it can actually retard a regular vehicle’s performance by not burning the necessary amount of fuel when you push on the gas pedal.

Myth: Engine oil should be changed every 3,000 miles

Reality: This is true in only severe conditions of driving, namely poor roads, mountainous driving, or consistent stop-and-go driving. In all other conditions, you can usually drive your car for up to 7,500 miles without necessitating an oil change.

Myth: The proper tire pressure is stamped on the side wall

Reality: The tire pressure stamped on the side wall is the maximum tire pressure your tire can hold according to the manufacturer, but it isn’t necessarily the recommended tire pressure for normal driving. The appropriate tire pressure can be found on a tag on the doorframe or glove compartment lid.

Myth: Turning on your air conditioning instead of opening your windows is better for your fuel economy

Reality: Studies have shown that if anything is true, it’s the opposite. Research indicates that driving your vehicle with your air conditioning at medium blast results in a slightly lower fuel economy than under normal conditions. However, if it really is too hot, it’s always better to use air conditioning to keep the driver alert and comfortable for safe driving.

Myth: Manual transmissions get better fuel economy than automatic transmissions.

Reality: This one was once true when automatic transmission were relatively new. However, in this day and age, automatic transmissions have become so advanced, that they are on par with, if not better than, manual transmission fuel economies. What a manual transmission will give you is better control over your vehicles speed and acceleration, since you decide when the gears should shift, rather than a computer.

How To Use This Information

When owning an automobile, you want to make sure you aren’t duped by false facts that circulate among your peers. There are many more myths out there associated with driving, so the next time you visit the finest Colorado collision repair center, ask one of our mechanics about what is true and what is just a wives tale. Contact us from our website, or call at 303-344-2212.

Which of these myths have you been treating as fact all this time?

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