Denver Auto Body’s Top Five Sports Cars for 2014

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Sports Cars We are six months into 2014, and this year’s models have found their way onto every American street by now. With so many amazing sports cars out there, how can you ever figure out which ones to get for yourself? Have no fear, Accurate Auto Body, a Denver auto body shop, is here to help. Here are our picks for the five best sports cars of 2014.


1- 2014 Scion FR-S – Often considered nearly perfect by most critics, Toyota has really outdid itself with this model. The FR-S handles like a dream, and yet has extremely athletic handling. Despite the fact that the car only sports a 4-cylinder engine, the car was purposely designed to be lightweight to allow the engine to accelerate as if it were something more. This allows the car to have excellent long-term appeal, getting 25 mpg city and 34 mpg highway; it is a car that you don’t just have to drive on the weekends. The car even has an unbelievable pricing for a sports car, being sold for roughly $25,000. It’s truly a sports car for everybody.


2- 2014 Ford Mustang – Ford never seems to disappoint with its Mustangs year to year. Sticking with the exterior design that has captivated us all, the 2014 Mustang has overhauled its interior to give it the most modern appearance. You can purchase the vehicle anywhere from a V6 to a supercharged V8, and its breakneck acceleration is complemented by great traction and comfortable turning. Also like the Scion, it gets pretty good fuel economy at 19/31 mpg city/highway. Relative to its competitors, that puts the new Ford Mustang in a class of its own. The biggest drawback with the new Mustang is in fact in the interior overhaul, with Ford’s attempt to make the car more tech friendly, they effectively have made operating the car less user-friendly.


3- 2014 Nissan 370Z – What Nissan’s most recent addition has on almost every other sports car is in its handling. The car’s transmission is slick, making shifting seamless and efficient. It’s almost like driving an automatic, while still getting the perks of a manual transmission. Notwithstanding, this car comes with option of a 7-speed manual, a rare feature to find in today’s sports cars. Moreover, the car has proven to be very agile, making turns at fast speeds with ease. The car comes with a 3.7 liter V6 engine giving it plenty of zip. One issue we had with the vehicle however is the poor noise blocking. It’s a very loud car, and the design doesn’t do a good job of muffling that.


4- 2014 Hyundai Genesis – Hyundai’s entrance into the sports car market surprised many earlier this decade, but they have continued to merit intrigue with each design. The Genesis perhaps has the nicest and sleekest appearance of all sports cars this year. The standard car comes with a supercharged four cylinder engine, with the option of upgrading to a V6, both of which are impressively powerful. The car also comes standard with an 8-speed transmission, which is unique on our list of sports cars. What keeps this car from breaking into the top 3 is its very poor fuel economy at 17/27 mpg city/highway, and the subpar driving experience relative to the others. The car certainly handles well, but it can feel stale from time to time, while its rivals simply offer better handling.


5- 2014 MINI Cooper Roadster – It may surprise many of you that MINI Cooper has found its way to the top five sports cars, but this car is very deserving of its spot on our list. The Roadster’s small stature makes feeling the speeds you drive at more intense, making for a very exciting driving experience at higher speeds. Moreover, for a car of its size, you can fit four comfortably, and still have enough good cargo space. It also sports the best fuel economy for a sports car on this list, with 28/35 mpg city/highway. With all that said, the Roadster’s size and design creates some problems, such as subpar handling and poor noise muffling. Still, you would be hard-pressed to find a better sports car of this size and fuel economy.


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Sports cars are fun, and every car company has offered their latest model. It’s important to know which models outperform others on a variety of criteria. With that said, sports cars are also expensive to manage, and even harder to repair. You simply can’t trust any Denver auto body shop to handle it. So, if your new toy happens to find itself with any damage, then you will want to make sure you send them to Accurate Auto Body. We will make sure your sports car is like the day you bought it every time. For more information, call us at 303-344-2122.

What’s your favorite sports car model of 2014?

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