Auto Body Shop Reminds You Not to Text and Drive

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Cells phones have gotten more and more interesting over the last decade. They have become so interactive, allowing us to do so much that it can be hard to tear ourselves away from them. Unfortunately, that’s entirely the problem that police have had to deal with over the past decade that wasn’t really an issue prior. For some reason, people have become so attached to their phones that they are unable to stay away from it during a very dangerous activity such as driving. Just in 2011 alone, 23% of auto collisions involved cell phone use. Despite the fact that we are an auto body shop, we don’t want you coming in injured with a totaled car. It’s just not necessary.

Studies have shown that texting while driving makes you 23 times more likely to get into an accident. That’s much higher than even just talking on the phone, which is reported to make it only 1.3 times more likely. It’s just not worth the risk. Your social circle can wait! If you need to use your phone while driving, consider exclusively making phone calls, or at least accessing your phone when the car is stationary. Unfortunately, even using your phone when the car is stationary can just tempt you to prolong that session into when the car starts moving as well. It’s just smart to try and not use your phone while in your vehicle if you can help it for the safety of yourself and everyone on the road.

Fortunately there are some technological alternatives that allow you to safely use your phone. Bluetooth in cars is just one of them. It allows you to sync your phone with your car, allowing drivers to make voice commands to access limited features of your phone likes placing a call or accessing your music playlist. Some luxury vehicles have even established voice-texting, which reads text messages received out loud, and allows you to speak your response as it scribes it into a text message. While it’s still probably best not think about your phone while you’re on the road, at least these technological advancements mitigate your decision to look anywhere besides the road while driving, and that is key to driving safely.

How To Use This Information

Texting and driving can be about as bad as drunk driving, so if you are guilty of doing it frequently, do your best to limit it. It’s a danger to you and everyone on the road, and you don’t want to make a small decision that can have ramifications that span your entire life. Be safe, and put your phone out of your sight while driving. If you have any more questions regarding the kinds of accidents we see at our own auto body shops, call Accurate Auto Body at 303-344-2212, or visit our website. We can give you all the car-related information you could ever need for your vehicle to be a smarter, safer driver.

Have you ever been in an accident due to texting and driving, or know someone who has?

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