Auto Body Shop Tips: How To Freshen Up Your Car For Your Hot Date

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492549351 It doesn’t matter who you are or what you drive, a date, especially the first one, will always be nerve-wracking. So many things can go wrong and spoil your chances at scoring the next date. Part of the game is trying to just mitigate those risks. Often, it will all start with your car. Just ask any of us at Accurate Auto Body, an auto body shop located in Denver. You have to pick up your date and drive them somewhere to kick off the date. Here are some great precautions to take and tips to freshen up your car so that your date starts off on a good note. After all, first impressions can be everything.

1- Make sure your car has had its necessary maintenance. Imagine getting into someone’s car who you don’t really know, and you immediately notice that their check engine light is on. Naturally, you’re going to be concerned the whole time that you may be in for a vehicular mishap during the date. How many dates have gone wrong because the car doesn’t start? Or the car’s air conditioning is broken. Be smart and get your car checked before a date to make sure you won’t have to deal with any of these kinds of unfortunate circumstances.

2- Give your car a nice, thorough clean. While a dirty car isn’t necessarily going to cause something to go wrong on your date, it certainly doesn’t help your chances at getting the next date. Keeping a clean car demonstrates responsibility and conscientiousness, both very important qualities to a potential partner. Walking into a spotless automobile can start your date off on a high-note. Who knows, they may even offer you a compliment on your ride, minutes into your date. That’s a win in our book.

3- Remove any foul odors. Have you ever been somewhere and immediately noticed an unpleasant smell? That will be all that’s on your date’s mind if you don’t take care of any smells that may exist in your car. Consider giving your interior a thorough shampoo beforehand, maybe even vacuum a little to get rid of any clutter that may be present. If you simply cannot find the time, then at least consider investing in an air freshener to mask the smell for as long as possible.

4- Impress them with your tunes. If you are going on a particularly lengthy drive somewhere with your date, it can be a good idea to prepare a playlist for them. The reason for this is simple. First, music can be a good ice breaker. They may really like one particular song, or have a funny story about another. Furthermore, it can help break up whatever awkward silences may occur in the car, and help calm your nerves. Finally, it demonstrates prior preparation, which is always a good sign of a considerate person. Just make sure that it isn’t too loud or too quiet. You want it quiet enough that you can still speak to one another, but loud enough that it will be noticeable.

5- Drive safely. This one doesn’t really go with “freshening up” your car per se, but it is just as important. While driving recklessly and aimless can seem exciting at first, ultimately it demonstrates a lack of maturity on your part. Remember, this person has agreed to go on a date with you to get to know you, and they have decided to trust you driving. Don’t risk getting them hurt or scaring them away because you can’t be bothered to wait behind traffic. Also, make sure you know exactly where you are going. Getting lost isn’t exactly anybody’s idea of a good time. Slow and steady wins the race, and in this case it is immeasurably important.

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If you follow all of our tips, then we would be hard-pressed to predict that your date could go badly. Starting off on a good note is huge, as it can set the mood for the entire evening. Returning to our first point, regarding your vehicle’s maintenance, you will certainly want to get that checked out as early as possible before the date, in case it might need to stay in the shop for a bit. If you need to have your car back by a certain time for that special someone, then don’t hesitate to ask us. We are an auto body shop that cares about every one of our customers, and will work to accommodate them. If you have any questions, please call us at 303-344-2212, or visit our website here.

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