Collision Repair Center R&D: Energy Storing Body Panels

Posted on: August 25th, 2014 by Accurate Auto Body Repair 1 Comment

167427226 Cars have been getting more and more sophisticated at an alarming rate. There are so many little components being added into cars these days, some collision repair centers are having a difficult time keeping up. But if there’s any innovation that you should be paying attention to, especially if you care about alternative energy sources, then you should remain seized on the development of energy storing body panels.

Electric cars have been among us for more than a decade, and they have come a long way from their roots. The latest development for electric cars is this concept of incorporating energy storing body panels. The intention is that it will allow electric cars to circumvent the issue of having a limited distance. After all, as it stands today electric cars can only go as far as its radius from its last plug-in. While this saves you heaps of money in lieu of going to the pump, it does limit you. So automobile manufacturers have endeavored to create energy storing body panels, which would allow the car to reach unheard of distances.

How will this be accomplished? Well consider the size of an electric car’s battery. It’s huge, and has only gotten bigger to accommodate the longer distances required of the specific car. But what if instead of attaching a big battery to the car, the car’s exterior was the battery? Then it could be as big as the car’s size, allowing for unprecedented amounts of energy-storage for your car. Add the fact that the lack of a big hulking battery would make your car weigh considerably less, effectively requiring it to expend less energy. This all comes together to allow you to achieve greater distances in your vehicle.

Unfortunately, this idea is still very experimental. Auto manufacturers have just begun to touch the surface of this science, but it can very easily become a reality within the next decade. The best part is that this wouldn’t just be exclusive to electric vehicles. Energy-storing panels could be used in gasoline-powered cars as well by also effectively replacing the battery. While it won’t get your gas-powered car further, it would mean you probably wouldn’t have to spend any more money on a new battery every couple of years. At the end of the day, isn’t spending less money on your car the aim of the game? As is often the case with automobile developments, many of them don’t go further than the lab. This is usually due to it not being cost-effective or viable in some other regard. But if this innovation doesn’t turn out to be just another gimmick, we may be looking at the next revolution for automobiles.

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