Aurora Auto Body Shop Road Trips: A Rocky Mountain Safari

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505502127 Road trips are a great opportunity to get out into the vast open lands of the United States and explore places few people have gone before. It’s a chance to get away from the stress of urban life and really breathe in the fresh air and meld with nature. Colorado, in all its beauty, is abundant with natural wildlife that people take for granted here. Aurora and nearby Denver are so close to a whole heap of wildlife, and the opportunities to go observe them from the backseat are there. Accurate Auto Body, an Aurora auto body shop, knows all the best places to visit in Colorado before the snow begins to fall.

1- Mount Evans – As the highest road in the United States, the road to Mount Evans can feel like a mountainous safari. You drive up miles of incline surrounded by largely untouched land. In that land you climb several types of ecosystems that give you the chance to see all kinds of wild-life, from common squirrels to rare mountain goats, there’s all sorts of wild life to find as you climb Mount Evans. But hurry up, the road closes just before the winter season begins.

2- Garden of the Gods – Located just west of Colorado Springs, Garden of the Gods itself is enough reason to visit the area. The park is a beautiful assortment of red rock bluffs that erupt from the ground for miles. The road throughout is so carefully made as to allow you to take in as much of the beauty as possible. What’s best about this trip is that it meanders through some heavily diverse forest. For the bird lovers, Garden of the Gods might possibly be the best place in Colorado to find birds. From red-tailed hawks to the lark bunting, you will find enough birds to satisfy your avian appetite.

3- Buffalo Herd Nature Reserve – Located just off of I-70 before Evergreen, the Buffalo Herd Nature Reserve was created with the express purpose of preserving the majestic Colorado bison. The area is outfitted with a network of dirt roads, which can be difficult to drive on for some cars. With that said, if you have a car that can make the trek, you will likely find yourself upon a buffalo herd that will make you want to paint the picture to memorialize. If you want to get out of the car and hike for a little, the area is great for that as well.

4- Rocky Mountain Arsenal – The Rocky Mountain Arsenal has a troubled history, as it once housed the nuclear waste processing facility known as Rocky Flats. The area has since been cleaned up and turned into a vast wild-life reserve great for nature watching. The Colorado government has worked effortlessly to reintroduce several types of wild-life into the reserve. The park currently boasts 330 different species of mammals, birds, fish, amphibians and reptiles that are native to both prairie and alpine climates. With 17,000 acres of land to explore just outside of the Denver city limits, you won’t even have to wake up early to plan a trip to the area.

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Watching wildlife can be an extremely memorable event, so getting the family out to observe from your car can be a comfortable yet exciting way to immerse yourselves in Colorado’s rich environment. However, many of these reserves don’t necessarily have paved roads, and dirt roads can be tricky to drive on especially if your car has been giving your trouble to date. To make sure your car is in tip top shape to travel on dirt roads, call Accurate Auto Body at 303-344-2122 or visit our website here.

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