Auto Body Shop Tips: Staying Focused Behind The Wheel

Posted on: October 10th, 2014 by Accurate Auto Body Denver No Comments

185436629 Driving gives us considerable freedom to move independently across long distances, but with that freedom comes a duty to all other drivers and pedestrians on the roads. Distracted driving is the number one cause of accidents in the United States. At Accurate Auto Body, a series of auto body shops across Denver, we want every driver that comes through our shop to always be focused on the road. Please take these tips to heart:

1- Lose the phone. Texting and driving has become such a problem it now overshadows drunk driving in terms of causing accidents in the United States. While we understand how connected we have become in our digital age, and how important it is to stay connected to our phones as a result, it still isn’t worth the risk. The split second you take to check a text message, let alone respond to it after, can mean the one small driving error that causes you to run a red light or not notice the car in front of you has stopped. Keep your phone away from you when you drive.

2- Don’t eat and drink. In the United States we tend to drive long distances. The average commute to work is about 25 minutes, but in many urban environments that number could go as high an hour. Even so, it’s not the time to eat and drink anything, even if you had to skip breakfast or lunch in a rush to work. Wait until you get out of the car before you begin your meal, plus who wants to risk getting a stain on your nice seats anyway?

3- Play music if you’re tired. Radios in cars have minimized the use of your hands these days, with the majority of new released cars incorporating radio control directly into the steering wheel. You no longer need to reach down and look to change the radio station, track, and volume; it’s all on the steering wheel. Once upon a time, we were cautioned from overusing the radio because it could distract us, but today with steering wheel controls the benefit from using the radio outweighs the risk. Ultimately, playing music can keep you awake and relaxed, allowing you to comfortably focus on the road. If a particular drive has gotten very tense due to wild drivers on the road, you can calm your nerves and make it less likely that you will partake in road rage or make a split decision in the face of all your tension.

4- Include Bluetooth functionality. Speaking of using your phones, there is a technological answer to having to look down at your phone in the form of Bluetooth technologies. By installing Bluetooth functionality into your radio, you can connect your smart phone to the car and allow you to place and take calls through your radio. Many even include voice command control and the option to read and type your text messages aloud, rendering the thought of even touching your phone in the car obsolete. While this may still constitute distracting the driver, it certainly pales in comparison to the risk associated with taking your eyes off the road to check your phone.

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Getting into a car accident can be a huge headache regardless of whose fault it was. Try to avoid even getting into the situation by considering our tips to stay focused on the road. Moreover, if you do happen to find yourself in an accident and need reliable repair, then look no further than Accurate Auto Body. We will make sure your car is returned to you like it was new. For more information, give us a call at 303-344-2122 or visit our website.

How do you stay focused on the road?

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