Aurora Auto Body Shop Tips: Making Those End of the Year Deadlines

Posted on: December 3rd, 2014 by Accurate Auto Body Denver No Comments

166118028 The end is near, but not in the apocalyptic sense. As 2014 writes her final chapters, all those end-of-the-year deadlines are sneaking up on us. While some of us may prefer to just ignore them, many of us may begin to start to feel overwhelmed. But at Accurate Auto Body, an Aurora body shop, we have some tips that we have passed on to our employees, and we would like to share them with all of you as well. Here are five tips to making those end of the year deadlines:

1- Don’t get overwhelmed. Perhaps the most important tip is to relax and not let yourself get overwhelmed. If you get overwhelmed, you are less likely to achieve your goals, or at least achieve them well. You need to remain focused and understand that if you put your mind to it, you can get it all done. Once you accept that, you can implement any of our other strategies as efficiently as you possibly can.

2- Get help. There is no shame in getting help. You can’t take on the world on your own, and sometimes those deadlines can be met if you have more than two hands. At work, ask some of your co-workers if they would be willing to accept more responsibility on a project. At home, see if family members can accomplish some of those errands you won’t have time for. The less you have on your plate, the easier time you will have handling what is left on it.

3- Prioritize. Ultimately, if you have to miss a deadline, you will want to make sure the ramifications are not that severe. Prioritize your deadlines in order of their importance. If something can be postponed at little cost, consider doing so. It may feel like a defeat at first, but at the end of the day what will matter is that it gets done. Conversely, anything absolutely needs to be done by a certain date needs to be done, focus your energies into that project.

4- Make a schedule. You aren’t going to make your deadlines by winging it every day. Having a well-organized schedule well help you portion your time accordingly. The schedule should be designed according to your prioritizing, meaning anything that is a lesser priority shouldn’t require much time on your schedule, and anything that has a higher priority should demand more time. As long as you stick to your schedule, you should have no problem meeting your deadlines.

5- Try to relax. This one is perhaps just as important as the first tip. Even if you do everything on our list, you may still find yourself sapping your energy quickly. If you become burnt out, it will become harder to meet your schedule. If you don’t meet your schedule, you will likely be overwhelmed and get nothing done. Instead, it’s paramount that you find a way to relax in between projects, anything that will get your mind off of them for a little. Whether it’s going to the bar with friends or staying in and getting into a good book, make sure you keep some time for yourself to make sure you are energized to tackle those deadlines.

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If you are capable of meeting all of those end of the year deadlines, you won’t be stressed doing your day-to-day activities, including driving. Studies have shown that driving under stress can increase your chances of getting into an accident. As such, trying to keep your life under control will help you be a better driver. Plus, a better driver is less likely to find themselves in an Aurora body shop at the worst time this holiday season. If for some reason your car does need repairs, then Accurate Auto Body is the place to go. To learn more about our services, visit our website here or call us at 303-344-2212.

How do you meet your end-of-the-year deadlines?

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