Sticking With your New Years’ Resolutions in 2015

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New Years Resolutions for 2015 2014 is on its way out, and people have begun considering their New Years’ Resolutions for 2015. Many of our own mechanics at our Aurora auto body shop locations have already begun compiling their lists, and checking it twice, so to speak. It’s tradition to have a list of your resolutions for the next year, the hard part is actually committing to them for the rest of the year. More often than not, people forget about their New Years’ Resolutions after the first month of the year. In fact, only 8% of people report actually achieving their New Years’ Resolutions every year. There are many reasons people will not accomplish their goals. People get busy, change their priorities, or simply become disinterested in the goals they set at the beginning of the new year. But sticking to your New Years’ Resolutions is an exercise in commitment, and your resolutions will almost always make you a better person in some capacity. Here are some tips from the 8% on keeping with your Resolutions.

1- Ask Others to Keep You in Check. Perhaps the most difficult aspect of sticking with your resolutions is keeping yourself accountable. That is why it is nice to have other people try to keep you in check. If you are married, have your spouse watch your progress. You could also have a friend, significant other, or even family member watch your progress. Whenever you are straying from the goal, they should remind you to meet your goals. If you are meeting your goals, they should acknowledge all of your success. This subtle reward/punishment system will keep you accountable and get you to your goals.

2- Have a Reward System – Speaking of rewards and punishments, you should find a way to reward yourself for keeping up with your goals. Maybe save some money away and allow yourself access to a portion of it every time you stick with your goals. If you have somebody who is keeping you in check, maybe have them take you out to dinner every month whenever you’re on par. The rewards will serve as a stronger incentive to accomplish your goals, and there is nothing wrong with having more impetus to succeed.

3- Set Up Reminders – Perhaps one of the most common ways people stop pursuing their New Years’ Resolutions in 2015 is because they simple become overwhelmed with other responsibilities that they simply stop prioritizing their goals. Usually, that can simply be because you forget, which is why setting up reminders can help you resolve this problem. With technology permeating across our lives, reminders can be an excellent way to make us remember to do something. You can set them up on your phone, email, or wherever you use a calendar to remind you to stick with your goals every week. Even if you go off schedule for a week or two, the reminder will always be there to try to get you back on track. Naturally, this can also be accomplished by having someone keep you accountable.

4- Discuss Your Progress Openly – Much like setting up reminders, discussing your progress openly will allow you to gloat as well as create an impetus to keep you on track. Whether you’re reaching your weight goals or are getting closer to that big promotion, whatever it is, talk about it openly with people you see around you. You will easily become addicted to the compliments you’ll receive for sticking to your goals even a month or two into the New Year. Any incentive to get you to meet your goals will be worth adding to get you ready for the next New Years’ Resolutions you will have.

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There are only a few more days until the New Year, and everyone has begun thinking about their Resolutions. Our Aurora body shops have certainly come up with our own, with the goal of improving our quality of service beyond what we already provide to ensure that every customer goes home happy. Our business has been a very successful one, and the only way we’ll stick to our goals is by following our own tips. From all of us at Accurate Auto Body, Happy Holidays, and have a great New Year.

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