Collision Repair Center Tips: Staying Safe on Slick Streets

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Trouble There is a reason the lyric, “when the weather outside is frightful” in “Let It Snow” exists. The holiday season also coincides with a time when roads can get especially bad and “frightful”. As the weather gets colder, snow and ice rain are more likely to fall. Both forms of precipitation are scary when on the roads. Our collision repair center sees accidents every year that can be attributed to those kinds of road conditions. There are many ways to stay safe when the roads freeze over and as long as you are aware of at least some of them, you should not have to stop by our collision repair center any time soon.

1- Buy the right tires – Your car’s traction will only be as good as its tires. Tires are customized to handle specific conditions and snow tires are built to withstand any frozen road that can be thrown at you. Conversely, generic or worn-out tires can prove to be hazardous. These kinds of tires will lack the necessary grip that will prevent you from slipping. After all, once you start slipping, your options are very limited for regaining control and may even necessitate an emergency crash to avoid danger. Avoid being put in that situation and get the right tires for the season.

2- Buy a car with ABS-Brakes – Anti-Air Lock brakes, or ABS, have become required on all vehicles manufactured after 2011 and on. While this will no longer become a problem going into the decade, there are still many cars on the road that were manufactured prior to 2011 and may not include ABS braking. ABS braking exists as a more efficient method of regaining control if your car happens to start slipping. The technology emulates the technique of pumping the brakes as you start slipping but does so at a rate that no human could attain. It’s simply more efficient and more likely to regain traction than you ever could by pumping the brake yourself. Be smart and buy a car with ABS braking.

3- Avoid side-roads – Perhaps the best rule-of-thumb is to understand how the city will attempt to clear snow as it accumulates. Cities always prioritize highways and major roadways over side-roads. Avoiding slick roads will mitigate your chances of slipping and getting into an accident. Moreover, side-roads typically have poorer lighting, which can mean you may not see a patch of black ice. When conditions are bad, you want to limit using the side-roads as much as possible during times of frozen precipitation.

4- Drive slowly and cautiously – If you have to drive on a slick street, then drive slowly and cautiously. While your car may be the ultimate snow machine, no car is going to function properly once it does start slipping. Don’t let the fact that you have good tires and ABS brakes encourage you to drive recklessly in these kind of conditions. After all, it will only take one slip to lose control of you car and get into an unfortunate accident. Nobody wants that this time of year.

5- Stay at least a car’s length away from all cars – Most collisions occur because you didn’t have room to regain control of your car once you start slipping. You need the room to maneuver and having that buffer is crucial. If you are driving too close to other cars, you may not have any time to adjust when you start slipping and before you know it you will rear-end them. Furthermore, if someone is driving too close to you, tap on your brakes multiple times to signal that they are too close. If that still doesn’t work, let them pass you by pulling over to the side of the road. Anything is better than getting into an accident.

How to Use This Information

If you don’t want to get into an accident this holiday season, take our tips to heart. Paying for a few added perks and taking the right precautions can save your thousands of dollars in collision expenses you just do not need right now. With that said, sometimes accidents are completely out of your control. If you do find yourself in a collision, then get your car to Accurate Auto Body. Our collision repair centers will get your car in tip-top shape as quickly as possible. To learn more, visit our website here, or call us at 303-344-2122.

What are you tips for staying safe on slick roads?

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