Denver Auto Body Shop Tips: NFL Tailgate Traveling

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78813682 Football season is coming to a close in the United States, with only two to three games left in the season. Many of our Denver auto body & collision repair mechanics at Accurate Auto Body are just as sad to see the season on its way out. But in Denver, the season won’t end before January this year. Like eleven other talented teams in the NFL, the Denver Broncos are playoff bound after clinching the AFC West. The playoffs are an exciting and excruciating time in which your team either makes it to the Super Bowl to win it all, or goes home packing for the next season. If there was ever a time to support your favorite NFL team, it’s when the playoffs begin. Whether it’s a home game or not, you will want to be there to show your support, and no day at the stadium is complete without a memorable tailgate. Here are some of our tips to having a successful NFL tailgate, whether your team is at home or away this playoff season:

1- Coolers are essential. It’s likely that tailgating would have died out without the advent of coolers. Coolers allow you to bring all of your favorite refreshments to enjoy while reminiscing about your team’s greatest comeback with your friends and family. You simply cannot have that kind of experience with a lukewarm refreshment. You need an ice-cold bottle of your favorite beers. In fact, why not show some local pride and pack up refreshments that are exclusively home grown. It will be a fun way to show your team spirit, outside of wearing the appropriate colors that is. Remember not to drink and drive however, make sure someone stays responsible in the event an emergency appears and someone has to drive.

2- Invest in a portable grill. The quintessential tailgating vehicle has always been a pickup truck with an attached grill, but that doesn’t mean you have to own a truck to get your tailgate on. Any car will do, and you can pickup a portable grill at any retail store these days. Between a cooler full of cold ones and a plate of your favorite grilled foods, you may not even want the game itself to start so you can enjoy tailgating the night away.

3- Bring some lawn chairs. While it may seem like a fun idea to sit on the edge of your car’s trunk, it may not be the most comfortable of scenarios. Why not bring some lawn chairs along so you can sit and enjoy your experience with friends and family in a comfortable experience. After all, you don’t want to be in a situation where the plastic stadium chairs will be a reprieve from your car’s edge. Tailgating is about having fun and getting excited about the big game with friends and family. There are no limits to comfort.

4- Remember to dress warm. Tailgating always seems like a summer activity, but it’s still done all the way through the playoffs, which happen to be in January. Depending on where you are, January can be a bitterly cold month, and you don’t want to be caught outside in nothing but a football jersey and thin jeans. You will be outside for quite awhile and it is likely to be cold. But if the home team is going to have to play in that weather, you should show your support and tailgate in it too. The cold won’t really matter when your team is down by a field goal and making that final two minute drive to save their season anyway.

5- Know where you are going. Many of these NFL stadiums were constructed in the heart of their cities, but some of them are actually quite a ways outside of it. You can’t expect to get to the city and see the stadium from afar. You should do preliminary research on the stadium’s location, along with parking fees and traffic concerns that may come your way. A smart tailgater will be a happy tailgater. And a happy tailgater will be able to sit through whatever circumstances arise on game day, like a true fan would.

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NFL tailgating has been a storied tradition in this country, and the home team always appreciates seeing support where ever it may be. Road-tripping to see your favorite NFL team play during the playoffs can be an incredibly endearing experience, and you will want to make sure you have all the essentials for the trip. But there’s no use preparing for a trip if you won’t be able to even get there. That’s why you should make sure you get your vehicle checked at Accurate Auto Body before you set out on your NFL pilgrimage. We will make sure your car is in tip-top shape to make the cross-country drive. Nobody wants to tailgate in the middle of nowhere because their car broke down. For more information, give us a call at (303) 344-2212 or visit our website here.

What do you bring when you go to tailgate?

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