DIY Car Fixes in the 21st Century

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It’ DIY Car Fixes - Accurate Auto Body s no secret that cars are more sophisticated than they used to be. Each year’s new models unveil technological advances which would have seemed like magic 100 years ago. Unfortunately, all of this new technology has made car repair a daunting and confusing task for most of us. But the truth is there are still plenty of DIY car fixes which can be done by anyone who owns a computer and a set of tools. And for those repairs that are past your ability, the Denver auto body repair shop experts at Accurate Auto Body have you covered. So let’s get down to it!

The trick is to start simple. Pick a task which gets you familiar with the inner workings of your vehicle and your tools but doesn’t pose too high of a risk. Don’t jump right into rebuilding your transmission or replacing your cylinders before you know what you what you’re doing—the consequences could be dire.

Let’s take a look at three of the most common simple DIY car fixes that will keep your car running at the top of its game:

DIY Car Fix #1: Replacing the Fuel Filter

Most car companies recommend that you replace your fuel filter regularly, generally ranging from 10,000 miles and up. This is a great DIY car fix to start with as the steps are easy and the results are huge—changing your fuel filter will improve the reliability and the efficiency of your vehicle. Before installing the new filter, disconnect your battery, release your fuel line pressure, disconnect the fuel line from the filter and remove the old filter. Next, replace your washer and put in that clean new filter. Make sure to check your service manual for detailed instructions and check for leaks after you started your vehicle.

DIY Car Fix #2: Replacing Spark Plugs

Over the life of your vehicle, your spark plugs (which ignite the fuel/air mixture in your engine to give you power!) will wear and become coated in carbon, preventing correct firing and reducing your vehicle’s efficiency. Although specialty plugs exist, normal spark plugs do the trick just fine for a fraction of the cost. All it takes to replace them is a socket wrench—unscrew the old plug, screw in the new plugs, put a little dielectric grease on the ignition wire boot before snapping it onto the plug, and voila! Your car will be running like new.

DIY Car Fix #3: Power Steering Flush

Instead of paying your mechanic $50 to flush your power steering, do it yourself with a turkey baster for free. Using the turkey baster, siphon as much of the old power steering fluid out of the fill container in your engine compartment as possible. Set the old fluid aside in a recyclable container and fill the compartment with new power steering fluid. Start your vehicle, and turn the steering wheel back and forth. Next, turn off the car and let the engine cool. Repeat these steps 3-4 times until the fluid appears clear.

So what are you waiting for?! Time to get out the tools and give your car some TLC!

How to Use this Information

The above information is designed to help you fix your vehicle by yourself, but at Accurate Auto Body we know how difficult auto repair can be! If you find yourself over your head (or under your vehicle!) drenched in grease, give us a call at 303-344-2122 and we will take it from there.

What DIY car fix have you completed?

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