Should You Use Satellite or Traditional Radio?

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Satellite or Traditional Radio - Accurate Auto Body Are you sick of hearing ads on the radio? You are not alone! The past decade has seen a surge in satellite broadcasting which has created a strong market for clear, ad-free radio. At first, choosing satellite radio as a vehicle enhancement seems simple – “yes, no ads!” Yet satellite or traditional radio both have pros and cons. Here is some information from Accurate Auto Body to help you decide if satellite radio is for you.

Satellite Radio is Ad-Free

The lack of advertising during radio programing is the single greatest perk of satellite radio compared to traditional AM/FM. For the most part, satellite radio has been able to achieve staying ad free by charging subscription fees. The difference this makes in the listening experience is huge; without breaks for advertising, the music never stops. Listeners are no longer forced to either move on to another station or grin and bear the sometimes several minutes worth of corporate advertising before getting back to the music.

Traditional Radio Doesn’t Cost Anything

Traditional radio, on the flip side of the argument, is free. Anyone can tune in and listen at the turn of a hand. However, this comes with a catch. Corporate sponsoring and advertisements dominate the radio. Some stations try to compensate by offering long segments of ad-free radio, but this is often accompanied by longer ad segments later in the programming or product plugs by the DJ in between songs.

Where You Live Affects How Many Stations Are Available

The last big factor to take into account is where you live: If you’re in Denver like us, there are countless AM/FM radio stations playing at all times, making satellite radio less of a priority. But if you’re in a remote location far from urban centers, radio stations are often few and far between, making satellite radio a far more appealing option. Due to the nature of satellite broadcasting, crystal-clear reception of the same programming (with the exception of driving through hilly terrain, which blocks both satellite and traditional radio reception) is available across the continent.

Thus, the discussion of satellite vs. traditional radio can be boiled down to a single question: would you rather pay to hear only music (satellite) or hear music and advertisements for free (AM/FM)? Whatever you choose, tune in and keep jamming!

How to Use this Information

Since most of us spend a lot of time in our vehicles, it’s a worthwhile investment to consider vehicle enhancements to make your ride more enjoyable and to ensure your vehicle looks good on the road. Accurate Auto Body is here to help you select the best vehicle enhancement for you. Please give us call at 303-344-2122 or contact us online and we will be happy to give you some professional advice.

What is your experience with satellite radio?

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