Alternative Ways to Buy a New Car

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Alternative Ways to Buy a New Car - Accurate Auto Body For many people, their car is like a second home. As the connection between a car and owner deepens with years, letting go to buy a new car seems like infidelity. For those Coloradoans who aren’t yet ready to move on, Accurate Auto Body is happy to perform the car repair you need to breathe some new life into ol’ Bessy. But for those in search of a new ride, there are some alternative ways to buy a new car to get the auto deal that is right for you.


Buying a Vehicle

Buying a new car can be a tough process. Finding the right car for the right price just isn’t as easy as it should be. And although Craigslist and dealerships are both excellent places to find a vehicle, it always pays to explore all of your options before making such a significant purchase. Here are some alternatives for you to explore:

1) Costco Auto Program: Did you know you can use your Costco membership to buy a new car? Like all of their products, Costco provides high-quality vehicles for a far lower price from that of standard dealerships. Members save an average of $1,000 over the typical transaction price. Most makes and models are available and highly trained auto dealership Costco reps are there to help you through the whole buying process. This is an excellent resource for buying new automobiles.

2) Buying through AAA: AAA has been developing buy/sellback programs for vehicles over the past decade. After entering your zip code and contact info, AAA will promptly contact you back with possible vehicles to test drive. This is a far more relaxed process than the traditional dealership experience; AAA is essentially the middle man who helps with negotiations, paperwork and logistics, making buying a car easier than ever.

3) Financing a Vehicle through a Credit Union: Car loans are expensive, especially if negotiated through a bank. Choosing to get a loan through your credit union instead is a great decision for several reasons. The most important is the interest rate; surveys have shown that a $30,000 loan from a commercial bank has an average interest rate of 4.16% versus 2.82% from a credit union. Combine this with personalized service and higher likelihood of getting your loan approved and you can see why this is such a great option.

Whatever vehicle you choose, we hope that you come down to Accurate Auto Body to get the professional auto body repair and servicing your vehicle needs to live a long life. Good hunting!

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