Road Etiquette, the Untold Rules of Driving Safely

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Untold Rules of Driving Safely - Accurate Auto Body As the experts of Denver car repair, Accurate Auto Body has seen the damage done by a lot of accidents—many that could have been avoided if the drivers involved had followed the basic rules of road etiquette! Here is a quick guide to the biggest unspoken or untold rules of driving safely which will ease road rage and help you avoid accidents.


It is the responsibility of all motorists to share the road. That means respecting other drivers and not getting too close. Invading the space of other drivers on the road not only leads to some pretty nasty road rage, it is also just plain dangerous. Stick to the three-second rule and maintain a safe distance between yourself and other drivers.

Hogging the Left Lane

There is a common misconception that the left lane is the “fast” lane on the highway. In reality, it is the passing lane. This means that it should not be monopolized by people who are speeding or clogged up by slower drivers who refuse to move over even after a line accumulates. You should only use the left lane to pass another vehicle before returning to the right lane. Follow this simple rule to reduce driving tension and ensure you are driving safely.

Dimming Headlights

Everybody has been there – you come around a curve only to have oncoming high beams blare into your vision and temporarily blind you. It is important that drivers remember how dangerous this can be. High beams should always be dimmed when there are other vehicles on the road.

Use Your Turn Signals

Use your turn signals to communicate to other drivers any movement you wish to make to change lanes, get off at an exit or to make a turn. Keeping others alert to your intentions makes the road a safer place for you and your fellow motorists.

Stay off Your Phone

Frequently when a driver is behaving erratically on the road, a cell phone is involved. Cell phones are incredibly distracting and should not be used while driving. Just call the person back. Everyone on the road will thank you for it.

The Bottom Line

When it comes down to it, the same golden rule that applies to people applies to driving: treat other drivers the way you wish to be treated. Nobody likes to be tailgated or honked at. If you keep the golden rule in mind, driving becomes a much safer activity. And if something does go wrong (knock on wood), Accurate Auto Body will be only a call away at 303-344-2212 to fix your vehicle.

Do you have any special rules of road etiquette you’d like to share with us?

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