The Greener Future of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

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Vehicles Powered by Electricity - Accurate Auto Body As a result of recent findings on the impact of CO2 emissions, vehicles powered by alternative energy designs have hit the market by storm. New vehicle technology is on the rise and each year’s auto exhibitions display cars which will drive mankind into a greener future. These aren’t just old designs with vehicle enhancements; they are state-of-the-art vehicles engineered to limit human impact on the environment. Let’s take a look at the merits of electric cars.

Vehicles Powered by Electricity

Worldwide production of electric cars is projected to increase by 61 percent this year alone. This growth is due to their high potential to reduce pollution and save money for the consumer. Here is an explanation of the two mains types of electric cars, all-electric battery vehicles and hybrid gas/electric vehicles.

Battery Electric Vehicles

Battery electric cars are exactly what you would imagine—they use no gasoline and instead rely on electricity gathered by recharging your vehicle. Electric cars rely on an electric motor and plug into standard 120 volt outlets, making recharging a very easy task. These are often short-distance vehicles, ranging between 60-200 miles between recharges. While this may seem limiting, surveys have shown that electric cars could meet 95 percent of daily driving needs. And best of all, by eliminating the need to buy gasoline, consumers save an average of $13,000 over the life of their vehicle when compared to its gas-engine counterparts.

Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Unlike full electric vehicles, hybrids have a gas fueled engine backup which kicks in when electricity is depleted. Hybrids still plug in and charge, but they do require the consumer to buy gasoline. As the batteries are smaller, recharges generally can only take the vehicle a distance of 30-40 miles. Unfortunately, the extra weight of having batteries and a gas-powered system makes hybrids heavier than standard gas-powered vehicles. But fuel efficiency still remains high at an average of 80 mpg, resulting in huge savings (more than $8,000 over the life of the vehicle). Plug-In hybrids are more reliable for long-distance travel as they maintain the option of gas-powered transit.

The Bottom Line

The electric vehicle market is on the rise. This rise has been paralleled by an increase in solar and wind technology used to gather the electricity used by cars, tackling the problem of greenhouse gas emissions from multiple angles. As proud supporters of a greener future, Accurate Auto Body is pleased to see this transition to more efficient, less-polluting vehicles. Please take the time to see if an electric vehicle is the right choice for you.

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What is your experience with hybrid/all-electric vehicles? Which is better at meeting your driving needs?

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