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NASCAR Unveils New Race Car Paint Jobs in 2015 - Accurate Auto Body NASCAR has changed a lot over the past 20 years. In the 1990s, a wide variety of General Motors models competed on the track. But today’s races now feature a small selection of models produced by Ford, Chevrolet and Toyota, with the occasional independent Dodge/RAM model showing up for the Nationwide or Camping World Truck Series. Despite the lack of diversity, newer models have been altered to resemble their street counterparts and have been spruced up with some brand new paint schemes, making for some truly beautiful vehicles. Even with our expertise in car refinishing and color matching, we at Accurate Auto Body are blown away by the new batch of paint jobs NASCAR produced. Here are a couple of models to get you excited about the 2015 NASCAR season:

Kevin Harvick’s Budweiser Chevrolet SS
This is one of several great new paint schemes we are seeing on the Chevrolet SS model. Sponsor Budweiser has opted for a new paint scheme inspired by their beer can which breaks away from its previous black-oriented paint jobs for a fresh new look.

Danica Patrick’s 2015 GoDaddy Chevrolet SS
Departing from her orangey past, Danica’s new Chevrolet paint scheme sports far less orange and far more black, accented with green to make for a darker look overall. After the last several seasons, this season will determine if Danica is a true contender on the NASCAR track.

Kurt Busch’s 2015 Chevrolet SS
Contrasting with Danica, Busch’s new look is far lighter and features a nice balance of black and red on the hood and along the sides. The red really helps this model pop in comparison to the all-black look of last year.

Toyota’s 2015 Sprint Cup Series Camry
Unveiled in October 2014, Toyota’s new Sprint Cup Series Camry is turning heads in the NASCAR community. Closely resembling the production car, the ’15 model is designed to look great in the showroom and perform exceptionally on the track.

Competing on the Track
It remains to be seen which driver will perform the best on the NASCAR track. Although paint jobs are nice to look at, they don’t do a whole lot for race performance. A whole host of factors, including chemistry and communication with crew chiefs and pit crews, will be the true predictor of race success. At Accurate Auto Body we hope you’ll be watching with us to see who gives the fastest pursuit!

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Which is your favorite new NASCAR paint scheme?

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