How to Handle a Car Accident

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How to handle a car accident - Accurate Auto Body Motor vehicle accidents are never predictable, but being aware of how they occur and what injuries are most common can help you handle them when something does happen.

If an Accident Occurs:

  1. If an accident does occur, stay calm and immediately check to see if anyone is injured. If there is an injury, call emergency services immediately.
  2. Call the police if an accident has occurred and there are damages to you or your property. The police are there to sort everything out and determine which parties are responsible, serving as an impartial witness. This is always better than arguing with the other driver.
  3. The next call you make should be to the car repair pros at Accurate Auto Body; we will help you figure out what to do about your car.

How are Motor Vehicle Accidents Classified?

  • Low-Speed Impact: You don’t have to be going fast to get into an accident. Many parking lot accidents occur with cars going under 10 mph, which is generally how low-speed impact is defined. Although injuries are much rarer at low speeds, whiplash and other injuries can still occur. If no damage occurs and everyone is ok, it generally saves times and is better for your insurance rates to avoid calling the police.
  • Frontal Impact: In a frontal collision, drivers are able to react and tense their bodies for the shock of impact. This will help absorb some of the shock, but injuries are still quite frequent. Common injuries include head, neck, back, rib, clavicle, arms and legs injuries. Be sure to check for concussions as well.
  • Rear Impact: Rear impacts are almost always categorized as the fault of the driver who is in the rear. Fender-benders generally fall into this category, though major injuries can occur during rear-impact accidents as well depending on the speed.
  • Side Collision: In this type of accident, drivers often hit their head on a door or window, resulting in spinal injuries or concussions. Side collision accidents are more dangerous than other types, and you should definitely contact emergency services immediately if one occurs.
  • Intersectional Collision: Also known as T-boning, these accidents are usually caused by individuals running red lights or stop signs. Injuries are highly dependent on the situation, but due to the high speeds involved, they are relatively common.

You can never tell when motor vehicle accidents are going to occur, but there are environmental factors which lead to higher rates. For example, accidents tend to occur where parking lots are close to neighborhoods and intersections, so it pays to be especially on your game in these areas. You can only control your own car, so avoid being distractions while driving and remain aware of those around you. Stay alert and drive safely!

How to Use this Information

If you have recently been in an accident and are in need of auto repair, give Accurate Auto Body shop in Denver area a call at 303-344-2122 or contact us through our website and we will be happy to help.

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