Windshield Technology of the Future

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Windshield Technology of the Future - Accurate Auto Body Cars have changed immensely over the last century. The vehicles of the 21st century have advanced to a point where cars are almost able to drive themselves. In fact, Mercedes has already produced a car capable of exactly that. But one thing in the world of vehicle enhancements has stayed more or less the same: windshields. No matter what the inside of your engine is like, chances are you are still looking through the same type of glass you would have found 20 years ago. Well that’s all about to change; Accurate Auto body would like to present you with the windshield technology of the future.

Augmented Reality Screen Windshields

Inspired by the same wave of touch-screen technology you’ve seen going into tablets and computers, automakers have envisioned smart windshield technology which eliminates the central navigation screen found in most new vehicles and keeps you focused on the road. Smart windshields will feature everything you might expect: speed, fuel, music, directions, etc. They are designed to cut down on driver distraction and improve safety, with some manufacturers integrating laser technology which detects dangers in the road and alerts drivers ahead of time, allowing you to react pre-emptively.

Nano Tech Wiperless Windshields

Are you tired of having to replace your windshield wipers when they break and streak? Then you will be excited about the new Hidra prototype produced by Leonardo Fiorvanti. This prototype features a wiperless windshield which uses an aerodynamic design and nanotechnology to eliminate dirt and rain. A four-layer system using “nano-dust” powered by conducted electricity repels rain water and moves dirt to the edge of the window, providing exceptional visibility.

The vehicles of tomorrow are starting to sound straight out of sci-fi novels. The integration of computers into cars has led to some incredible innovations in technology, as you can see. We are very excited to see what else will be in the future of automobiles.

How to Use This Information

This windshield technology is still in the works and probably won’t be available for some years to come. So looks like you’re stuck with what you already have. When your car needs a little revitalization, you can count on Accurate Auto Body to have the latest technology as it becomes available. Please give us a call at 303-344-2122 or contact us through our website for more information about all of the services we provide.

What would you look for in a new windshield design?

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