The Real Smart Cars

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The Real Smart Cars - Accurate Auto Body The 21st century has been a very exciting time for the automobile industry. A whole new range of what’s possible with automobile technology has opened up now that computers are used in vehicles. Over the last 20 years, vehicle enhancements have begun to seem like things out of sci-fi novels rather than reality. But that doesn’t stop automakers from creating new smart vehicle technology which pushes the bounds of what is capable. And no, we aren’t talking about the 4-foot smart cars you see on the road. Instead, Accurate Auto Body would like to present you with some of the new technology automakers are using to make cars safer and more efficient.

Self-Braking Cars

The proportion of cars produced that are capable of self-braking has doubled since 2012. This enhancement has had a positive effect on safety and on reducing the number of crashes. Most self-braking cars use sensors, such as cameras, lasers or radar to detect if vehicles are getting too close, automatically stopping your car before it hits the one in front of you. Even when a crash isn’t avoided, these types of systems minimize damage by reducing speed. Be sure to look for it when investing in a new car.

Self-Parking Cars

Everyone knows the increased likelihood of getting into an accident in a parking lot. That’s why automakers have started integrating systems that park your car for you. It’s quite simple for the driver; find a space, turn on the system and your car will automatically gauge if there is enough space and steer your vehicle into the spot. Volkswagen has even designed a system that doesn’t require the driver to be in the car when parking. Talk about innovation!

Autonomous Vehicles

Until Mercedes released the first self-driving automobile, this was just a fantasy in the auto world. But smart vehicle technology has given automakers the freedom to design cars that actually drive themselves. Spooky as it may sound, this is likely the future of driving. Just think about all of the things you could do on your commute to work when you don’t need to stay focused on the road—or honking at the car in front of you. There’s still much work to be done, but this is the technology to look for in the upcoming years.

How to Use this Information

We understand that having computers operate the mechanisms of your vehicle is a double-edged sword. Although it improves efficiency, this smart vehicle technology sure does make it harder for the average person to fix their car. Luckily, our car care professionals are constantly updating their knowledge to be able to give you the best service possible at the best price. If your vehicle is in need of repair, give Accurate Auto Body a call at 303-344-2122 or contact us through our website for more information and we will be happy to fix it.

What type of smart vehicle technology seems the most useful to you?

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