Avoiding Distractions While Driving with Kids & Pets

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Car with dog and kids - avoid distractions while driving with kids and pets When most people think of driving distractions, they jump to cell phones as the main culprit. But while they might be a key offender, distractions from driving with pets and kids are also a huge cause of automobile accidents. Unless you want to end up in need of some car repair, we suggest you take these statistics to heart and keep distractions while driving to a minimum.

Driving with Pets

Many people don’t realize the danger they are creating by driving with their pet. In 2011, AAA released a study which included some key statistics on pets in driving accidents, which included:

  • A 10 pound dog can generate 500 pounds of force in a 50-mph crash
  • An 80 pound dog can generate 2400 pounds of force in a 30-mph crash
  • 65% of dog owners admitted to petting, restraining, or engaging in other distracting behavior with their pet while driving

As you can see, distraction is not the only issue when it comes to driving with pets. You could seriously injure your pet, another passenger, or yourself in the event of an accident with a pet on board.

Restraining your pet using a pet seat or a carrier is the safest way to transport your animal as human seatbelts can cause serious injury to them. And just like kids, keeping them in the backseat is the surest way to protect them from such dangers as air bags.

Driving with Kids and Keeping Focused

“Are we there yet???” Everyone knows that kids can be a huge cause of driving distraction. Most parents would admit to having driven with their knees as the reached back to help their children with something. While it seems innocent, public safety experts are reporting that distractions such as this are responsible for up to 80% of all accidents.

Before you start driving, make sure that your child is safely strapped into an appropriate safety seat in the back of the car. If you do become distracted, remember, it is always a better idea to pull over and take care of the distraction before continuing on the road. Do your best to avoid turning around to speak to your kids and never reach for items to hand your kids while traveling at high speeds.

We understand that it is unavoidable to drive with your children and your pets, but that doesn’t mean you need to be distracted while you do it! Stay safe and keep in mind that, as the driver, you are responsible for the lives in your car.

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