Keeping Your Car in Showroom Condition

Posted on: July 13th, 2015 by Accurate Auto Body Denver 1 Comment

Washing a car and keeping in showroom condition

Depending on your climate, keeping your car looking fresh can be quite a challenge. Sand, snow, rain, and dirt are all natural enemies of your vehicle. Only with a concerted effort on your part will your vehicle stay in showroom condition. Of course, our car care professionals at Accurate Auto Body will match the color of your paint so it looks the way it did in its glory days. But if you are trying to save a little money and keep your car looking fresher, longer, we are here to give you a few tips.

Protecting the Paint–Clean, Polish Protect

  • Clean: If it’s been a while since you shined up your car, be sure to give it a good spray down with a high pressure hose to remove loose grime. After, give your vehicle a thorough shampoo with a bodywork conditioner shampoo before rinsing it off to a nice clean surface.
  • Polish: Next step is polishing – there are a huge array of products available on the market, but we recommend a super resin polish. It is designed to remove light scratching and add some gloss to your paint job.
  • Protect: This is arguably the most important step as it will keep the work you’ve already done intact. Dirt is the mortal enemy of paint – if they come into contact with each other, you can be sure that the paint will begin to dull and wear. That is why you need to apply a protective layer of wax which keeps the dirt off of the paint. Applying a high quality wax will protect your paint for up to six months, so it is absolutely worth your time if you’re trying to stay in showroom condition!


Many products on the market, such as Autoglym’s Tyre Dressing, are designed to seal your wheels and restore their black appearance back to looking like new. Before applying, be sure to wash off any grime so the sheen really sticks.


A thorough vacuuming is the key here, as shampooing can only do so much to get rid of grime. There are also a wide variety of spray products which help remove grease, stains, and more. Be sure to pick your product depending on the grime level of your vehicle, as certain products are more toxic than others.


Pick a glass polish which has a good anti-misting quality, allowing you to lift spot, insect splatters, and smears without leaving streaks. You want those windows to be crystal clear and in showroom condition when you’re done.

The amount of products available for cleaning your car can be overwhelming. So just remember that when it comes down to it, the most important element in keeping your car in showroom condition is a hefty portion of elbow grease and time. So put on some good tunes, roll up your sleeves, and give your car the TLC you know it deserves!

How to Use This Information

Not everyone has the time or energy to get their car back to looking new. Luckily, you’ve got some friends in the industry! If you feel like making your vehicle shine like new, we would love to help. Be sure to give Accurate Auto Body a call at 303-344-2122 or contact us through our website for more information and we will be happy to get your car into tip-top shape!

What are other tips that you have heard to keep your car looking showroom new?

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