Don’t Trust the Low Prices: Stay Fuel Efficient

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Stay Fuel Efficient - Don't Trust Low Gas Prices Thanks to a variety of factors, including a large increase of oil production from fracking on U.S. soil, gas prices this past year have lowered to levels which reminisce back to the early 2000s. With this trend, it seems that now would be a safe enough time to get that giant SUV which fits the whole family yet guzzles gas at a rate of 10 mpg. And while all the vehicle enhancements that come with it almost make it seem like a good deal, our team at Accurate Auto Body is here to tell you why saying no to gas guzzlers and staying fuel efficient is the better way to go.

Low Gas Prices Are Temporary

Even the president agrees, these low gas prices aren’t going to last forever. In an interview with the Detroit News, Obama specifically warned against the purchase of low fuel efficiency vehicles. He stated that demand in India and China for fossil fuels will outpace supply over the long term, driving up prices as oil reserves diminish. That means that while spending $2.00 per gallon to drive around in your new SUV now might seem fine, but in 5 years that price could be well over $5.00 per gallon.

More Gas = More Pollution

At this point, the science is undeniable. CO2 emissions caused by the burning of fossil fuels have rapidly accelerated global climate change, resulting in irreversible damage to the environment. So while gas might seem cheap at $2.00 a gallon, when you think of the literal trillions of dollars which are going to be needed in the upcoming century to help human beings combat the effects of climate change, the bill goes up quite a bit. By purchasing a low fuel efficiency vehicle, you are increasing your carbon footprint and inherently causing further damage to an already damaged planet. Just remember that someday we will all have to pay for that damage.

Reason No. 1: It’s a No Brainer!

There is absolutely no reason not to buy a fuel efficient car. A huge effort to increase fuel efficiency has been made in the past years, partly in response to stricter government regulations. This has made it extremely easy to find a vehicle which both meets your needs and is fuel efficient (including high efficiency SUVs and trucks). Buying a fuel efficient vehicle does, in the long run, will save you money! Don’t be tricked by recent fuel prices – think to the future and buy a vehicle which will drive you into the 21st century without looking back.

How to use this information

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