How to Avoid Road Rage and Stay Safe

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How to Avoid Road Rage - Accurate Auto Body

Road rage is aggressive, unsafe driving behavior which deliberately puts the drivers around you in danger. This can include cutting someone off, tailgating, fighting with other drivers, or even getting run off the road. Statistically, young men are the key offenders when it comes to road rage, but in reality everyone experiences it. There are just too many things between point A and point B causing you stress to avoid road rage, not to mention whatever is already going on in your life. While the term gets thrown around, it remains the leading cause of safety concerns on America’s highways. For example, in a city like Denver with lots of traffic, aggressive driving and road rage are the leading cause for car repair. Here are some more statistics which might put the problem in perspective:

  • Aggressive driving plays a role in 2/3 of all traffic fatalities
  • A firearm is involved in 37% of aggressive driving incidents
  • In a study done on 100,000 road rage incidents over a 7 year span, 218 deaths and 12,610 injuries were recorded

How to Handle Road Rage

 Like many inevitable things in life, the key is strategic avoidance. Although you can’t control the behavior of other driver’s, you can control your own. Here are some tips to keep you safe from aggressive driving incidents:

  • Avoid angering others: Seems like a no brainer, but some people really just can’t help responding. Learn to control that behavior. Using an ‘I’m Sorry’ wave or refusing to yell back could save you a lot of hassle or even your life. Don’t gesture at drivers and don’t flip them the bird, no matter how angry you are. It’s not worth it, trust us.
  • Distance yourself from dangerous drivers: There is no amount of rush in the world worth putting your life on the line. If another driver is threatening you or driving erratically, give them some space. If the other driver won’t let off, drive to a police station or highly populated area and park until they leave you alone.
  • Manage your own anger: Driving responsibly requires a fair deal of empathy. Everyone has a moment where they don’t see someone coming and cut them off or are late for work and really need to get around the car blocking the lane in front of them. Listen to music you enjoy, avoid using the horn, and the journey will go much more smoothly than starting conflicts with other drivers.

Like most things in life, a bit of patience and courtesy goes a long way on the road. Driving aggressively inevitably leads to something bad happening; it’s just a matter of time. Learn how to control your road rage now and the road will be a much safer place for you and your loved ones.

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How to you handle your road rage?

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