How to Handle a Minor Auto Collision

Posted on: August 25th, 2015 by Accurate Auto Body Denver 1 Comment

how to handle minor collisions Minor collisions are inevitable when driving. Sooner or later, no matter how careful you are, someone (including yourself) could not be paying attention and a scrape or bump occurs. Many people wonder if reporting the accident is really necessary in these situations, given the extra paperwork and complications. Well, Accurate Auto Body is here to set the record straight and fill you in on how to handle the two most frequent minor auto collision situations. Just remember that no matter what you choose to do, our Denver dent repair experts will be here to get your vehicle looking good as new.

The Fender Bender

Hundreds of small vehicle accidents occur across the United States every day, most of them resulting in only a minor dent or scratch. Sometimes the damage doesn’t even make sense to fix when compared with the value of the vehicle. In these cases, many people wonder if reporting to their insurance company makes sense. Well, technically, most insurance companies force you to sign contracts which require you to report each and every accident, including minor collisions. But this regulation is difficult to enforce, which means you have the power to gauge the situation for yourself. Generally, most minor accidents should be reported, especially if damage or injuries were sustained. If the other driver is at fault, definitely be sure to get a police report and report the accident rather than accepting the other driver’s promise to pay.

The Parking Lot

A huge percentage of minor collisions occur in parking lots. Technically, parking lots are private property, meaning that police do not respond unless called. Many accidents in parking lots occur at low speeds and result in very minimal damage and no injuries. Therefore, in these situations, it can be beneficial to pay the repair cost out of pocket rather than report to your insurance company, as the repair could be lower than your deductible. This means that you would pay for the repair and, if you are at fault, your monthly premium would increase. Do not accept anyone’s ‘promise to pay,’ especially if the other driver is at fault. Get a police report filed to avoid having to track the person down and assert fault. And if a police report is filed, remember that any citations you receive for being at fault will appear on your driving record, which is reviewed by your insurance company. Lying to your insurance company and getting caught is a surefire way to heavily increase your monthly premiums.

The Bottom Line

Whether or not you choose to report the accident to your insurance company is your decision, but we always recommend obtaining a police report if any damage was caused in the accident. Although someone may have promised to pay your repair costs, without a report which clearly states who is at fault there is nothing stopping that person from skipping out and leaving you with the bill. No matter what, just remember that staying alert on the road is the best way to avoid accidents. Stay safe out there!

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  1. Jesse Ford says:

    It makes sense that so many collisions would happen in the parking lot. Just the other day while I was grocery shopping somebody rear-ended my car and left a note for me with their contact information. Fortunately, we got everything sorted out, but now I need to take the car in for repair.

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